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How do I keep others energy from interfering with my own?

I’m a hairdresser and am in very close proximity with many different people every day. I’m also very sensitive to other people’s energies. I’ve noticed that this has began to effect me in a negative way because I bring all of this extra energy home with me and now I’m beginning to have problems sleeping and many other things that are effecting my every day life. SO my question is how can I keep others energies from interfering with my own energy, or how can I release this energy once I’m done with work?


  1. This is one of the reasons why we have to surround ourselves with people with same-like spirits as ourselves…..You just take a warm bath and free your mind of all of the polluted thoughts that might have taken up residence within your mind and you ask God to remove anything that is unlike him and restore you and make you whole once again….Also, each day when you are at work, try your best not to engage in conversation with anyone that is unrelated to doing hair….This is where your problem lies mostly because of all the gossiping that take place within these hair salons, it has no other choice but to penetrate your mind at some point….

  2. im a massage therapist(in training) and what i do(and am taught to do) is before even lying hands on someone your a bout to have that connection with, you first take a meditative minute to center or “ground” your self to your work, intentions, and own energy. then you can make the connection, do your work and once you done take another silent meditative moment(eyes closed and focused for about 30 seconds or however long you need) to release any energies you’ve picked up and regain your composer. and when your all done with you customer you go and wash your hands however you wan to but be sure to rinse with cold water for about 30 secongs while doing wringing kneading motion from your forearms down to your finger tips to phisically drain the energy out of you.
    good luck, hope it works for you the way it works for me


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