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how do i keep my mind quiet?

if i am correct, when one achieves enlightenment (or at least is on the right path to nirvana) one manages to obtain the ability of quieting their minds & become in harmony with the surroundings.
my situation is that more & more I’ve been getting these zen feelings, but then soon after it hits, i realize what is going on, try to focus on it, only then to lose complete concentration on that mood. so how can i keep my mind quiet?


  1. Enlightenment comes with loving all, stilling the mind and allowing your will to be lost in Gods Will. Without a death there cannot be a Re-Birth. Prayer, meditation, gentleness, kindness, long suffering, brotherly love and patience. Meditating upon being nothing other then a manifestation of Gods Will. Praying for Gods Will to be done in and through you. Pray to be It. Open yourself up to Being It. It takes time. It take effort. Won’t come in a day, but It will come to those who seek It out in earnest.

  2. Greetings. Your problem sounds quite familiar, as I think any meditation student has at one time dealt with a similar problem. Many times, you’ll be engaged and think “this is it!” When that hits, you try to grasp it and hold on to it, as if it is permanent. As a student of the dharma, you know that it’s not permanent, that things are constantly changing. Keep that in mind for your practice, and remember to continue practicing.
    I hope this advice worked, but if it didn’t, it’s a very common problem and probably easily Google-able.
    Take care.

  3. Have you heard the one about the monkeys? A Master told his disciple that all he had to do to attain was not think about monkeys, and the disciple went away thinking that this would be very easy because he never ever thought about monkeys. As soon as he left the Master, monkeys started appearing in his mind continuously and his thoughts became totally obsessed with them.
    This is the nature of the mind. If you try to MAKE your mind silent there is simply no way, it will just get noisier and noisier and the more you try the worse it will get. Part of my practise is to sit and watch the mind, so every night that is just what I do and believe me it goes absolutely off the wall crazy.
    When you notice that your mind is becoming noisy, just watch it and be aware of the garbage that it is talking, because part of the process of dropping it, is to become centred in it.
    There are methods that you can use which will concentrate the mind’s power to a single point and in that concentration it can be watched more efficiently; and there are methods which can be used to turn the mind off completely for periods of time, but these must be used under close supervision because of the powerful nature of the techniques.

  4. You confuse feelings for enlightenment.
    If you are Zen Buddhist, there is a *way* to follow and that way requires discipline. Falling victim to transient feelings is a false lead.
    Instead, your mind is your dog. Train your dog to obey. If the tendency of the mind is to wander, then it must be taught to heel and stay. This requires focus, which is the point of meditation, otherwise, you may as well wander about pointlessly.
    The point of focus, however, may be what you are missing. Hopefully chemical stimulation is not a part of your practice as that ultimately weakens you. Instead, meditate on something I read in “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” (paraphrased):
    The student came in saying that she could not come up with anything to write about society, so the instructor told her to narrow her topic down to writing about the college town. She returned later to say she still could not figure out how to start, so the instructor suggested she start with one street. Again she returned unsure how to start, so the instructors said to focus just on one building. She returned again without a start, so the instructor said to start with just one brick in the building. The student returned the next day with a long essay and surprised at how much she learned.
    This is the element I believe you seek: focus. When you try to do too much, you make yourself diffuse.
    Even just an atom is a microcosm of the universe…

  5. That reminds me of when I was meditating, fell asleep, and dreamt that I had reached a new state of awareness. lol.
    But seriously, your experience is a common one, at least for me anyways. Just continue exactly what you are doing, it is the experience that will led you. And follow the advice of the knowledgeable practitioners above. Good luck.

  6. Just be… I have trouble in not thinking because all i can do is think about what is going on… I have found though that it is possible for me to just be… I can picture things in my head, scenes and stories, no rhythm or rhyme, simply letting the pictures flow. It starts to become like a waking dream in that you do not fully control what is going on in your mind. Once you start trying to control the story you lose the quiet… I cannot explain how it is done but I think it sounds like you could find the ability to do it by going with your gut instincts… it sounds like you have good instincts for things like this!

  7. i know i have said i don’t like talking religion, but you are right, how do we keep our mind quiet? it is possibly the most impossible thing to do is to reach nirvana. how the buddas and followers do it, we may not know. try reading teachings of the budda and confucious. that may help.


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