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How do I keep a coworker from getting under my skin?

I work with someone who is gifted at “playing the game”
She knows how to get under my skin and it affects me very much. I want to not concentrate on these negative energies that are around me at work, but it’s a very open environment and one that makes it impossible to “hide” yourself away.


  1. I know this is easier said than done, but it is true…..no one can get to you unless you allow them to. Focus on your work and the responsibilities you have to accomplish each day & let her “play the game”. Once she sees that you won’t allow her to affect you she will get bored & move on to someone or something else. No matter where you go to work there will always be that person who is annoying or tries their best to get to everyone with their insecure behavior, so it’s better to learn how to put your blinders on and stay focused on what you need to do. Good luck, you can do it!

  2. Perhaps play ur own game….
    Smile when u see her…
    Followed by a warm greeting…
    Be over nice to her…
    Hopefully this will make her feel uncomfortable and she’ll try to avoid u!

  3. You say that it is very difficult to ignore her comments.
    Why not try to dismiss them to her, out loud?
    When she says something, maybe say an uncaring statement like, “Mhm”, “Sure…”, or “Really, now…”… Something that shows her that you don’t pay her any mind to her words. A person who likes to play the game of toying with peoples emotions and pressing their buttons doesn’t deserve to bring you down, they are only trying to intimidate and annoy you into feeling bad about yourself. Don’t hide, show her that you don’t care. Show her that no matter what she says, you aren’t going to be affected. Even if it does affect you, hold your head up high and dismiss her words; pretend that you don’t notice.

  4. i find that shocking people who are being mean catches them off guard. like asking them if they want a drink while you’re doing a coffee round or just being nice (not overly) and treating them the same as people you do get on with. she won’t know how to respond. oh and confidence too.
    before you step in to your building, imagine a pink bubble around you that is protecting you from any negative vibes and visualise these bounce off you. it works xxx


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