How do I initiate astral projection?





Is there anything I need to know before I start?


  1. hi, The main reason why most people fail to learn how to astral is because they make something more difficult then it really is.
    For example, a lot of astral practitioners know that the key to astral projection lies in your ability to totally relax while keeping a focused mind. This is where most people struggle. Many people know and have tried various relaxation techniques.
    so you’d better learn how to get concentration and relaxation, whic is a essential in learning how to astral project. In fact anyone how has ever attempted astral projection has reported at one point that this was a facet that was difficult too learn.

  2. Meditation and lucid dreaming are both good practices to master before trying astral projection. I’ve also found binaural beats that can help induce this mindstate.

  3. Not a good question to pose here among the spiritual infants. Go to a New Age bookstore (horror of horrors) and dig. I have little experience at astral projection and have never been able to control it. For me, it happens when it happens.

  4. I achieved astral projection thru my spiritual change in consciousness. It took me several years of study and initiations but I did achieve it. When you get to that point you will love it!.

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