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How do I induce or inject a dream message or myself into someone else's dreams?

How do I inject myself into someoone else’s dream or send them a message even though they live in California and I’m in NY???
Is this process called dream telepathy and has anyone here had any success or decent methods of this dream telepathy working???
Any help is greatly appreciated.


  1. I,ve done some cross-town telepathy that worked. I don’t know if your cross-country try will work. Try It. arrange a time for you to both think about each other.remember the time zone difference of three hrs… then see if the message was received. It’s not a dream, it’s a conscious thought projection.. a connection sensation can be felt.

  2. You take a plain flight down to California… Once there asleep you take them to a place, tell them what you want to tell them, and insist they’re dreaming…. Dream telepathy doesnt exsist.

  3. Dream Telepathy DOES work – geez people – don’t answer a question just to shoot down the asker – what wrong with you!
    anyway – I have never done it long distance – but I have many times with my (now ex) fiancee. I have very vivid dreams, constantly – and I would always wake up and tell him about the awesome dream I just had, and he would tell me that he doesn’t dream – I thought that was so sad. So i started staying awake a couple nights a week just concentrating very hard on a dream for him to have while my hand was floating over his forehead/eyes (not touching him) also concentrating on him to remember the dream. I had about a four out of five success rate. You HAVE to Believe though. have no doubt in yourself or the power of thought. Good luck to you – and don’t listen to nay-sayers, or anything negative for that matter. negative energy kills psycic ability.


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