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How do I induce a dream message to someone I love through my dreams?

How do I inject myself into someoone else’s dream or send them a message even though they live in California and I’m in NY???
Is this process called dream telepathy and has anyone here had any success or decent methods of this dream telepathy working???
Any help is greatly appreciated.


  1. This will never work. Dreams are just chemical reactions in your brain. How do you think something would get from your brain to that person’s?

  2. Wow… umm… I don’t think it will work but who knows? I would do a bit of subconcious probing though.
    First: Are you sure that they really exist? I see that you said they live in Cal but still
    Second: If you have contact with that person, make sure you tell them that you exist as well, somehow.
    Third: If you are trying to induce them to a dream, then you must induce your existence in their subconcious level where the person will at time to time think of you.
    Other notes:
    Its a dream so send pics to that person.
    Best if you move closer to the person after you made sure that you would want to pursue that person.
    You probably do not want to dump this situation to the person until… after the person becomes relatively closer to you.
    Hope this helps. This is purely something I would do. And best of luck to you.

  3. i can talk on remote viewing which I suspect can be applied.
    CONCENTRATE-on this persons favorite posessions or a specific posession that links the two of you. And by concentrate I mean meditate and chant the word of the object as you chant their name.
    You must do the same for a physical/familiar place that this person values greatly. If possible one that you shared with them.
    The object is to match thoughts. match what they are living what they are seeing. Believe you see what they see.
    As far as dream is concerned there is little control over what you “can do” in your dreams unless you are in a lab that keeps you in a certain level of sleep. (REM) Also (REM) or when dreams supposedly occur is the most ‘out of control state of sleep’ Not likely in all science that you could be a dream jumper. Not these days anyway. Its the preface to the movie “The Cell” i love that movie…Anyhow do the viewing and chanting often. Occupy to the point that your mind is enveloped and preoccupied. That is your best chance at getting through to your own subconcious which will then lead into your belief of dream interjection., which I must admit i am interested. You may be on to something. I often get calls from people the day after i dream about them.

  4. I’ve actually had this happen, had simultaneous dreams with someone else, but can’t possibly tell you how or which one of us caused it, much less how to duplicate it.
    But if I were you I would stay away from the witchcraft or voodoo aspects of trying to induce a dream remotely in someone else, either let it happen naturally or if not, then not. I mean, how will the other person feel when they learn that you induced their dream, and how will you feel if you don’t tell them?


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