Home Discussion Forum How do I increase Chakra flow?

How do I increase Chakra flow?

I’m pretty new to this and I want to know how i can use meditation to balance and optimize my chakra energy flow


  1. Chakras can and are often blocked but I would first think about the flow of light through your central core. This is the tube of light that flows from top of your head to the base of your spine (crown to root). It basically goes down your spine and all of your chakras flow out from this central core. You can meditate and imagine light flowing down from God, through the top of your head, through this tube of light and out each individual chakra. As the light goes down feel it filling each chakra. Feel each chakra opening, till you get down to your root. As the light gets to your root, feel a cord going down and connecting you to the core of the earth. Grounding and anchoring you there.
    that is a good start.

  2. I have a chakra meditation on my website that you can use. Also, you can balance the chakras using colored fabric, oils, foods etc. See the chakra page on my website.


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