How do I improve my concentration during meditation?





I just started learning how to meditate I feel like I have meditation ADD. I have no problem calming my mind and letting it go places, but in any visions I have, I can’t concentrate on it for any extended period of time, and when I “wake” I almost forget what it was I saw or thought. Like I wasn’t even there. It’s actually kind of bizarre seeing this typed out before my eyes. Thanks in advance.


  1. A previous answer follows; adapt it to your situation: Try some different techniques, for a while, such as the Yoga Nidra, (actually a meditative technique; a series of easy mental exercises; no bodily flexibility or asanas [special positions] are required) at More are on page B.
    Then try the PMR. Some days later: & (some hours, or preferably a day apart; late morning, or early afternoon is best).
    I find that employing the EMDR variant before meditation reduces distractions to the meditative process, and I go from it to the word/phrase repetition, for a while, then, when my mind is tired of the repetition, and my eyes have had enough of moving, I switch to the mindfulness breathing (another version is at and it’s also on page 1, in the post about insomnia).
    Expect your mind to wander, occasionally; mine does, and I just gently redirect my focus to the task at hand. It takes time, to become proficient, and younger people tend to want everything “here; now”. Be patient with yourself; persist, and it will come. Don’t permit yourself the indulgence of becoming frustrated, and giving up in disgust, too early.
    If you still have trouble: Most people are suggestible, to some extent, so consider professional hypnotherapy, or, if not an option, has: Meditation Hypnosis, & Yoga Nidra, and/or has: Meditation Pack, Stay Awake During Meditation, Go Even Deeper with Meditation, & Become a Meditation Guru. Mantras (word, or phrase repetition) that work well: the traditional: “nam myoho renge kyo is one”, “aum” is another, “peace”, or just “easy”.
    Use whatever method you find works best for you. 10 mns is alright, but 15 is better, and 20 is probably optimal in the early stages, (or to continue with at the basic relaxation level) unless intending to pursue the subject further, which really should involve an experienced instructor.
    For those who have in the past had difficulty meditating, I suggest trying the Yoga Nidra, because it operates on the principle of occupying, and tiring the “chattering monkey brain” until it seeks relief in the meditative state. It is best done in a comfortable sitting position in the mornings, when refreshed, as many people may otherwise fall asleep. ~~~
    The aim of meditation is not the retention of visions, and the very act of attempting to may interfere with the meditative process. If you have a particular interest in this aspect, you would be far better off with an expert, but you could improve by learning to remember your dreams. DREAM RECALL:
    Set an alarm for 90mns sleep the first night; keep a pencil & pad handy; write them down in detail, immediately. On following nights, add 30 mn increments, to determine when the best time to set the alarm for dream recall. After a while, your ability to remember your dreams should improve, and you may well be able to stop using the alarm method. Check out the post on dream analysis on page O at

  2. Join Yoga classes to know all these techniques. In Yoga, they teach lot of physical exercises coupled with mental exercises to keep the body and mind fit, trim and. Yoga also helps to have physical self-discipline and mental control, which are essential to shape our future life.
    You will have good concentration then.

  3. yes well a popular things would be if someone can describe in seriousness the places where you mind can travel to so you can drift off , what is happening to you is that you can imagine these places in your head but are ruining out of ideas on where to travel to
    meditation should be so you can sit the FOCUS on your mind and soul not about images in your head its to bring patients to your self being , what you need to do it sit in a spot and control your breathing not think about anything keep an empty head this is the starter , after you can control your breathing and have an empty head ,very faintly and gently put the thought of peace in your mind , this is something that you feel calms you down , for most people its like a beach or the sea or a sun set , and only have images that you feel calm with be relaxed at all times
    if you cant concentrate then record yourself telling you what to do making you feel at peace hope you can follow these simple steps if nothing work just ask another question , 🙂

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