How do I improve concentration during yoga class?

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I took a yoga class on Saturday, and we were supposed to block out all thoughts and think about breathing and nothing else. I couldn’t, I was paying attention to the girl next to me breathing, the two people that came in late, thinking about what i’m gonna do after class, the itch on my foot, I should have put my hair up….etc.
I feel like my mind does not shut off! Any suggestions to help me?

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lol… It takes some time to master the breathing and blocking out. Just keep trying, it will come… try to relax and remind yourself to stop thinking and start breathing every thime your mind wonders.


you are already on your way, do not give up..mind is like a monkey, jumping from one thought to the next in micro seconds. the moment you introduce a tool like yoga to take control of it; it immediately backfires by doing what it does best; JUMP JUMP JUMP.. but do not surrender.. keep at it and by time you will start being a silent witness to your thoughts instead of being carried away by them. and later, you will be able to shut them off when you want. but this requires constant practice and determination. being a master of one’s own mind is the aim of yoga. and it all starts like your own experience; watching your thoughts. and one day wisdom dawns and yoga begins. have a nice journey inwards!


First thing to do is give yourself space. By this it is meant to not be over bearing on yourself. do not think I must succede now or i am failing. this will result in failure, it is inconceivable to be perfect so quick.
second thing is to under stand that through many years of no training your mind is like a drunk elephant full of desire and in need of distraction.just like your body needs time to become limber so too does the mind. this is how it works. the mind is given a directive, be quiet, yet it is anti-thetical like telling a razor to not be sharp. soo circumvent the situation by thinking of each thought as though it were a wave on an ocean . and if you focus on one wave for a minute you see it melds into others then still others. this is what the mind does so back up and watch the waves over a larger area and when one pulls you in say no thanks
the more your say no thanks the more this will become automatic
and you will have developed a begining stage calmness.if you become emersed don’t berate hesitate and zoom out.
one of the interesting things the mind can do is to zoom in and zoom out
we can think of minute detail and then the over-all picture, having full control of this faculty is brought about by conscious use.
in other words think about breath, what is it, how does it happen? what is in the air molecule that you breath? what are the electrical signals that carry the info? how much breath is needed and then too what of the blood born oxygens? then zoom
out and see that you are one whom breaths. a whole body breathing think of the life that sustains through breath and that air is here where you need it think of the rhythm and the pulse of
the earth and the movements and rhythms of the stars and the idea of an expading and contracting universe as this great divine breathing in-and-out…..
notice how your mind went through micro to macro
listen friend to this next and it will help
your thoughts follow your attention like hungry little gremlins
thoughts do not exist without attention when you place your attention some where that does not feed your stray thoughts the become rapacous and try to get you to give them energy
stray thoughts are like hungry mice in tibet they are called kalpana and are not nessecary for life, with out food(attention) they will die. put your attention on your breath with determination and imagine that ANY THOUGHT THAT COMES WILL BE PLACED INTO YOUR LUNGS AND EJECTED FROM YOUR BEING OUT YOUR MOUTH WHERE IT WILL DIE
be at ease it all takes time but the reward cannot be bought and no one has enough money to pay for it anyway 🙂

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There are corelations between the breathing method and concentration during the process. Seem like you are not concentration on the Yoga breathing but rather just normal breathing. This site should give you some tips on the Yoga breathing method, so you’ll have something to concentrate on.
Re-learn your breathing and you’ll be reborn:


I have the same challenge – the moment I try to clear my mind, it begins whirring! I have found that counting helps. I’ll begin counting my breath. Having that little tasks allows me to focus on it, without all the other stuff distracting me.


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