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How do I ignore all the negative energy coming towards me and my boyfriend?

my boyfriend has a my space and he put our pic that we took together and put it as his profile pic and his friends left comments and the comments weren’t nice and it made me upset one of his friends said why do you have your arm around a horses ass so I’m mad


  1. you are hurt for your boyfriend disclosed you personal secret. But to think of it over, you can stand in his boots and may think that he is trying to show off that he has a beautiful and ideal girlfriend. But of course, he should not share the secrets, the top ones, with his friends.

  2. Well for one he should say something to the so called friend, that was disrespectful to you. I don’t reccommend you boycotting his friends that will cause more resentment.
    They sound like jerks!
    Our friends are a reflection of ourselves, question this!
    I’d comment back (are you a myspace member) and throw out some dirt on this person.
    A little bit of Pow Wow magick says if someone is slandering you or gossipping about you, take off your shirt (inside out) and slam it in a door saying “I send back your negative energy”.
    They’ll get they’res and you are free and clear. You didn’t do anything bad, you just sent back what someone sent you.
    Another little trick, when you know who has said or done something against you (you most be of no wrong), visualize a hand held mirror and as you are turning it away from you (to them), you say “I am strong, I am good, mean person get what you should . . . you”. They will be hit, they will have no idea where it came from, you get satisfaction.


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