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How do i have an astral projection?

Ok so I saw Insidious last night. Great movie. Now let me just say I’m not psycho or a creep or into witchcraft or anything just curious about random things. So in the movie thy talked about astral projection and I was wondering how to do it myself


  1. You can’t. It’s a movie. There’s no such thing as “astral projection”–those who CLAIM they can do it are either deluded, or they are lying in order to get attention/scam money, etc. Now go do your homework.
    EDIT: If so-called “AP” was a real phenomenon, then whoever had shown it to be so would have won the Nobel Prize by now, and it would be an active area of SCIENTIFIC investigation. It’s not. Real scientists don’t waste their time on it, since 1), it’s essentially untestable, being little more than wishful thinking (to anyone out there believing that “Ghost Hunters” is anything more than a mediocre entertainment show–I have some swamp land to sell you) and 2) there are far more interesting mysteries in nature that CAN be tested. AP is in the same category as ESP, ghosts, angels, the rapture, psychic ability, clairvoyance, crystal power, the great harmonic convergance, alien abductions, blah blah blah–adherents of these bizarre beliefs will shamelessly tell you, in all seriousness, that in order for anyone to recognize the “reality” of these things, they must believe in them in the first place. Classically ludicrous circular logic, and the complete opposite of the way science works. Ever wonder why, after all these centuries, these are all still fringe beliefs? In order for any idea to move from fringe to mainstream, it has to be objectively confirmed, verified, and shown to be consistent with already confirmed observations of the world–IOW, it has to be demonstrated, unequivocally, to be as real as is possible for science to determine, and then practical applications inevitably follow. Beliefs in stuff such as AP have always been on the fringe, and they will likely remain on the fringe. My personal belief is that those who stand to profit in one way or another from public belief in such notions would just as soon see them stay on the fringe, since as long as they do so, they’ll never be subject to any kind of rigorous scrutiny, and will thus assure being on the gravy train for life.

  2. Well, it’s kind of hard to explain how to do it just like that since it requires practice and there are many different techniques. I suggest you google it and first do some research on it if you’re interested (don’t look on wikipedia, that’s bullshit).
    A technique that works for me:
    First completely relax your body (you need to lie or sit in a comfortable position) by tensing and relaxing your muscles. Feel your body becoming heavier and as if you’re sinking down. You need to be completely relaxed, sort of in a sleeping state. Do not let your mind chatter around uselessly throughout the whole process by the way. Once your body is fully relaxed begin trying to feel your heartbeat pulsating through your entire body. Try to be a heartbeat yourself, feel it pulsating throughout your entire body while your mind is only concentrating on this feeling. Continue doing this until you feel some odd sensations, just keep going on the whole time like this until you actually feel you’re out of the body. Once out, do not get over excited since that might get you back inside your body.
    There are lots and lots of techniques so just do your own research. Read up on it before you actually try it out because you might get totally freaked out.
    Some advice: the Gnostics have some really good techniques on achieving this but you should watch out about everything they write, only believe what you think is correct.

  3. astral projection is real the same with lucid dreaming. lucid dreaming is when your aware that your dreaming so you pretty much have total control over your dream lucid dreaming and astral projections is pretty much the same thing but there are some differences which i forgot but lucid dreaming was proven real so yup……its takes practice on doing such thing you have to do some research and learn how to meditate first

  4. Astral projection has nothing to do with religion or witchcraft.
    To astral project, you need to develop concentration skills. We all astral project every night (also called dreams) but most people are unconscious then. So in order to astral project, one would need to develop their concentration skills to stay awake while your body goes to sleep into a dream.
    Then you will be aware and can control your dreams or astral travel.

    • Astral projection is not evil, witchcraft or anything bad. To me it feels angelical and heavenly. I JUST HOPE THAT CRIMINALS AND BAD INDIVIDUALS DON’T TRY IT TO DO WRONG.


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