How do i harness and use my chi energy?





During my martial arts lesson my master(sifu) taught us some taichi and then told us to concentrate all the chi we have to the palm of our hands, my couch said that my palms had most chi from all the others and i felt real heat coming from my palms, however i dunno how to use to for like healing or martial arts, any tips?


  1. Sounds like he’s feeding a line of crap. But the body does have an energy flow within it. Breathe and move try and feel the control you have over each mucsle and joint.

  2. Alot of the people here are fags who don’t even think it exists, lol.
    “Chi does not exist beyond focusing and breathing methods. SCIENCE says so. ”
    Actually, science says the opposite.

      • If no one believed in chi or another name energy, then read a child’s science physics school book, yes all Things are possible in this world! Watch and you will see amazing things predicted from ancient times to present, good Things for this world 🙂

  3. You can’t.
    Chi does not exist beyond focusing and breathing methods. SCIENCE says so. Anyone who believes in chi is the same kind of person who believes in astrology, iRenew bracelets, the Easter Bunny, etc.
    There has not been any empirically guided scientific evidence of chi.
    If your instructor is pimping chi in his classes, he’s an idiot, and you should do yourself a huge favor and seek instruction elsewhere.
    “Masters” and “Sifus” who propagate this nonsense should be ashamed of themselves. Believe it or not, there is not an esoteric, mysterious nature to ANY martial art. It simply boils down to hard work, physics, and body mechanics, period.
    A lot of this nonsense is propagated by dolts who’ve spent years studying their martial art and who like to promote their art as somehow “mysterious”; knowledge of an awesome power that few possess. They sit in a candlelit room, sniffing incense imparting their vast “mysterious” knowledge to the select few. It’s BULLSH!T.

  4. chi s real. focus energy through your hands. if you feel heat then you are already starting to train your chi.
    science is an art that is not yet complete. do not fully belive in it. keep your options open.

  5. I have always been able to feel the energy of objects. And I can feel energy with my hands.
    I can feel the energy from my other hand. It takes time to learn new things. Any subject when a person starts from the beginning. Do not let the Instant Gratification fool you.
    The most important part of this energy is its ability to heal.

  6. Human being are capable of harness energy surrounding us. Only ignorance can’t feel or care to understand the nature of chi. If you don’t know, this year 2012, the aliens is going to invade earth and they have far advance technology beyond our limited knowledge of this era. All i can say is, Chi if you seen the video on youtube. Chi can use to move, push, pull object, even destroy. Even stop bullets and all.
    Those that keep rejecting such power are not intelligent. Lack in their knowledge. You’re like an animal.
    With the chi power, we can defeat these alien encounter. It’s a good thing that Chi was founded and we understand what chi is capable of and how it become human only weapon to fight against the alien.

  7. one day i was at school we were going to lunch I got exited we were having alfredo when i walked i could feel static electricity around my arms and palms we were going to go out for out for recess but i didn’t have my coat i was afraid id catch cold but i didn’t i could feel the electricity wearing down though but it came back in about 3 days
    I think my chi is to protect

  8. All those who think chi is an external energy r fools. But chi exists in every living body in every form (solid,liquid,gas) it is the thing that keeps u alive. You call it chi but science calls it energy. The capacity to do work. Its u who is using ur chi to run,walk,fight. But it can be unleashed by intense training such as tai chi, but still don’t think u can blow a car with that, its just for pushing objects or body and cause damage.
    Good Luck!

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