Home Discussion Forum How do I harden my astral body?

How do I harden my astral body?

If someone knows how to solidify my astral body, please tell me how.
Also, if there are any real, immortal vampire, immune from deaths site, please email me at adam.bbyxxx@yahoo.com.
I do find it unlikely that an immortal will be searching vampires on the internet, but it is possible. I will test you. If you are an immortal, please email me, for I seek to gain your gift and companionship.


  1. Well, think about a girl you really like. Try having sexy thoughts about her. Your astral body should harden very quickly.

  2. Look up astral projection on Google, I am sure you will get lots of exercises to “solidify” your astral body, or you can take a trip down to a book store 🙂
    Mmm, we are all immortal in the essence of the Spirit. Our bodies will decay but our will and heart always live on.
    So do I count as an immortal? Though, I don’t think I am a Vampire, I lean more towards Galactic and Night/Moon Elves.

  3. Your question has me horrified for several reasons. To “harden” your astral body would mean that it would make it impossible for your soul to return to your physical body, which means that your physical body would die and you would be forever trapped in limbo. Why on Earth would you ever WANT that to happen? It’s a form of suicide! If you want to learn astral travel that’s fine but for goodness sakes please don’t seek to do anything to “harden” or “solidify” your astral body.
    And there are no such things as vampires. Immortals are Gods. Gods are not on Earth and do not use the internet. Anyone claiming to be an actual vampire is delusional.


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