How do I handle a drastic hairstyle change? I had dreads for 6 years and now I'm in shock I brushed them out

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I know it’s not an important issue per say but I loved my dreads like they were a limb , a real part of my identity and now they are gone. I feel depressed and unattractive with out them but my whole family and friends wanted me to take them out. I don’t feel whole without them. I got them when I was 16 and now I’m 22. Is it a part of growing up to let those things go ? I miss them and I want to know if any one else has had a hard time with this. dreadlocks are “worrylocks”, you keep your worries in them and when you are ready for the spiritual awakening of letting them go , you rid yourself of all that worry . I’m afraid I wasn’t ready . How can I get over this hair/identity/spiritual crisis?

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Awww, I didn’t have dreads but I used to have really long hair for an even longer time and last year I chopped it off to over my shoulder and I felt very weird after, like if it wasn’t me. You’ll eventually get used to it and perhaps even take a liking to your new hair, I suggest time. I don’t know what to say about the worrylocks thing but I wouldn’t worry too much about it (:


A lot of people feel sadness when they lose physical things.
Even with braces, you get sad that you won’t get to feel your teeth for a long time.
But it’s always good to have those memories and old pictures.
You’ll get used to it, don’t worry. Now you can change up your new hair and I’m sure you’ll find a new hair style that’s to your liking.


I’m sorry about your dreads, I got to tell you I change my hair a lot and since I got so much hair thick I have more bad hair days than good hair days.
I think you should still wear hats that you wore with your dreads also get new ones to start feeling the change. play around with head bands they back in style before you know it!!! this new person was just afraid to come out. You will grow out of it…..You should enjoy the new you….

Nikki H

If YOU were so “attached” to them both sentimentally, and physically then you should do them again. You are supposed to please yourself first. Who cares what others think about your hair! You are the one living with it all of the time.
If You do decide that maybe it is time to move on, go and see a professional hair consultant. They can give you suggestions on what to do with your hair and point you in the right direction. Maybe the distraction of your new “do” will help you get over your crisis. Just think of it as a whole new chapter in your life story. Who knows? Maybe it will open up new doors. Good Luck!


I kept my hair long for many years when I decided to cut it really short last year. (I was unwell for a while and it was too much effort to blowdry and style it everyday). It was more a shock to my family than it was for me, though it took me some time to get used to it. My hairstylist was very helpful. She showed me a variety of styles I can do with my new haircut and I found it fun to change the styles to suit my mood or dressing.
Go on, experiment and enjoy!!

Brittne L

yeah, i’m gonna agree with the person that said it needs to be a personal decision. i have dreads myself and have had them for quite awhile and can’t imagine losing them. that’s something you have to be mentally, spiritually, and emotionally prepared for. so society and even your friends and family may tell you not to have dreads and that it’s time to grow out of this “hairstyle” but ultimately, it’s gotta be your call. if you come to realize that you’re ready, then i’m sure, like any big changes, it’ll be a gradual adjustment but you’ll be happy in the end. if you only combed ’em out because of everyone else, i would suggest starting them again.
but regardless, it’s gotta be something you personally are alright with. best of luck in your struggle, and i’m sure you’ll be able to pull through!


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