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How do I go about seeking education for alternative medicine?

Right now I’m going into my second year of college and I’m looking to change my major or even transfer. I was a business major the first year but I’ve had a spiritual awakening and homeopathic studies, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, are all an interest to me. So what should I change my major to? There isn’t an alternative medicine major at my school.
Do I have to study biology first and then go to a special homeopathic school?
Do all homeopathic schools require me to be a doctor first? (get the biology degree at my college and then go to medical school and THEN go to a homeopathic school)???
I’m kind of lost on how to go about with this career I’ve been asking everyone I know, thanks
did anyone answer my question? i had a spiritual awakening in the sense that i cannot be involved with worldly things-especially business-there are no morals in it..nothing is natural anymore… i want to get into natural medicine our bodies and the things in nature can help us .. thats where the spiritual awakening comes into play… this is something i am passionate about i am just asking how do i go about pursuing my career? please stop judging me


  1. If you truly had a spiritual awakening, then you should know what to follow. And if you had this awakening, then you wouldn’t bother that much about career.
    So be sure if you had awakening or just an illusion. If you are serious about this, then first have an intensive meditation course, and you will learn a lot. You can continue your business major, and if you’re interested, you won’t need any effort to study a lot of things on Chinese stuff and others in your free time. Know that many of these things have to do with what you can learn by meditation. Because meditation is not mental.
    And schools unfortunately still are, because of a lack of understanding, part of what Buddhists call ignorance.
    I am sure this answer will serve you well.
    Good luck

  2. If you really want to help people, why don’t you study proper medicine?
    Don’t let your so-called spiritual awakening dumb you down into thinking homeopathy is actually a valid medicine. Its not – its scam quackery and certainly not in line with your moralistic goals. Futhermore its not natural – if it actually did work, it would be supernatural.
    I urge you to do your research before making a career decision.
    Read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homeopathy#Medical_and_scientific_analysis

  3. the only school I know of for alternative health are Clayton college and the school of natural healing (herballegacy.com) I think most of the course work can be done online but I know the school of natural healing does require you to go up there for a little while towards the end
    here are a few other natural schools I just found
    You might become self taught on natural healing and nutrition and maybe become a registered dietitian and then open a practice and incorporate your alternative health knowledge with nutrition counseling to help people with various diseases and health concerns or needs.. Or maybe if you had a degree like that, you could be hired at a place where alternative medicine was practiced.
    Oh I just remembered that a lady in my raw food group is getting a master with Dr Gabriel Cousens. (his contact info might be at the video site reversing diabetes raw for 30 days)..she said they just told her an additional title or certification can be added to her degree last week and she was very excited.
    What she did was start a meetup group (google.meetup.com to make a group..there is a monthly charge though) like for vegans or raw foodist and then gets to know people at potlucks they have. She then holds nutrition/lecture classes at her house (she also taught a class at the library that was free rental of the space and held a potluck with it mentioning her website to get new people interested who may be eventual customers) and teaches people how to make raw chocolate cakes and seed cheese and stuff like that with samples. She mentioned last week she will be doing individual counseling sessions with people for health concerns. She charges for all these things but the raw food potluck.
    She used to have (free) sharing circles where she picked a topic like say probiotics or vegetables or how to handle relatives who are worried about eating only raw food and stuff like that..everyone takes a turn talking and they were really fun and interesting but she recently stopped them…this in essence is increasing her knowledge, getting her name out there and building a future client base.
    You know kind of like a teacher getting a degree and then opening a home day care with planned activities using her teaching credentials to charge a little more. Like self employed.
    Chiropractors often use a LOT of alternative health advice in the course of their treatments and just people talking about their health problems gives you an opportunity to talk about herbs and what not.
    Personally I would not go to a homeopathic school as many people think it is not legit including for the most part me and I am extremely into alternative health. a naturopath uses a lot more modalities like hydrotherapy, nutrition, exercise, massage, herbs, etc.
    You might be helped taking courses like medical students take their first few years in college to get the basis in biology, functions of the body etc. till you figure out what you want to do. See if you can get a copy of the courses at the school of natural healing or Clayton college to see what the prerequisites might be or if you can get a head start by taking some of these classes at your school but they may not transfer.
    Remember one can use alternative health to help others without making that your career if they study on their own, one can also write books and help in that way, I have a degree in elementary education but I know a lot about alternative health and help thousands of people on line and those I run into in real life.
    I highly recommend that you email me for the links to the save your life videos and manual..this man trained with the founder of the school of natural healing master herbalist Dr John R Christopher and intensified Christopher’s incurables program..by watching these videos (which originally cost $435 and you can watch free) will cause your knowledge of alternative health to grow by leaps and bounds.
    also go to curezone.com and ask the same question. I am sure someone there can help you.

  4. Homeopathy and other alternative medicine modalities are not things one takes up when trying to find “spiritual awakening.” These are unproven, pseudoscientific nonsense peddled by charlatans and chances are you will end up hurting someone when you give incorrect advice about health.
    If you want to help “spiritually,” why not be active in whatever religious group you belong to or go into training as a clinical psychologist or counselor where you can give advice to people who are in trouble.


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