How do i go about giving myself a tarot reading?

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I have the Rider-Waite tarot deck? And is it true that an ordinary pack of playing cards can also be used?
Oh, and it’s a reading for love. ( :

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Well I’d imagine that you shuffle and cut the deck, and then lay the cards out in the correct spread.
Ordinary playing cards… eh well you could I suppose substitute them for the minor arcana, but what about the major arcana?
Nice choice in deck, by the way.

Lady Amethyst

You can use ordinary cards, but it makes it hard if you aren’t familiar with the suites. My suggestion follow the instructional booklet.


ok first u get a lighter and go in a circle around the bottom of the deck then the top and be careful not to burn yourself or the cards and the shuffle them and while shuffleing think deeply about what u want to know then when u feel the need to stop shuffleing u do the lay out that u want and wala u got ur reading if u need more help just email me


A lighter? Huh?
I’ve found that when I want to do a reading for myself, it is better to do a reading of whoever else is involved in the situation instead. There is too much of a loss of objectivity in self-reading (but of course I do it all the time). Every reader has a different way of tuning in. Years ago, I found that if got into a calm, open mind state and focused on another person, laid out the cards in a simple spread and jotted down impressions that came to me, I would get remarkably accurate information about that person. I couldn’t exactly “see into the future” but I would learn things about other people and how or why they were going to act in a certain way that I had not way of knowing otherwise.
I never got fancy about my cards. I calmed my mind, got into a meditative state, focused, and shuffled and layed out the cards. It is also a good exercise to layout the cards once in a while and look at them to get a feel for what each card means to you. The Rider Waite deck is an easy deck to use because the pictures tell stories related to the cards. You can read with an ordinary playing deck if you have enough familiarity with the meaning of the cards and your connection with who you are reading is strong enough.


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