HomeDiscussion ForumHow do i go about finding a magick society?

How do i go about finding a magick society?

I’d like to find a group or something where i can learn more from magick practices. I live in west yorkshire.. are these things common?


  1. Stop by any religious institution. They all believe in magic of some sort. Unless that ‘k’ you’re putting on the end makes it something different.

  2. “The Light of Christ refers to the spiritual power that emanates from God to fill the immensity of space and enlightens every man, woman, and child. Other terms sometimes used to denote this same phenomenon are Holy Spirit, “Spirit of the Lord,” and “Spirit of Truth,” but it is different from the Holy Ghost.” Encyclopedia of Mormonism
    Haven’t you read Crowley? Even so, you’ll be cursed heavily if you pursue the priesthoods of the devil.

  3. The World Famous Hollywood Magic Castle
    The Magic Castle is the world’s most famous club for magicians and magic enthusiasts and home to The Academy of Magical Arts, Inc.
    The Magic Castle is the showplace for some of the greatest magicians from around the globe. We also take great pride in showcasing the magnificent building that houses the Magic Castle. Built in 1908, this storied mansion has watched Hollywood grow and change for almost 100 years while never losing its original charm.


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