How do I go about converting into Buddhism?





by Mer:

I’m born into christianity, but I’ve given it a lot of thought and I really want to convert into buddhism. I feel that it’s the right path for me in life, and I want to follow it. However, I can’t find much information on how I officially convert into buddhism. Can someone give me some information about this?

Answer by B
I don’t think you need to officially convert…you could just kind of…declare yourself it?
Buddhism is more of a philosophy/way of life than a religion, which is why it’s a little more complicated then throwing holy water on your head.


  1. If you want a very honest answer: sorry, but if you don’t know how to become a Buddhist, you are certainly not ready for it.
    If you want to be a Buddhist you should first study what it is, and in that study this is of course one of the first subjects you will come across.
    If you want, look at my website and put some effort in studying what it’s about! It also has a forum you may like.

  2. First you have to know who is Buddha. To know what he taught. And to know what is the target of to be Buddhist. (Nirvana = disappear forever without reincarnation) So study those things from “Tripitaka books” (bible of Buddhism). I am not sure if there is it in English language but there is it in Thai language (91 issues, read all by skimming and read again in the topic you are interested.)
    Next, do follow what Buddha taught. (He taught many many things but to say simply; Do good things. Not do bad things. Make your mind good.
    It is serious that if you want to be good Buddhist, you have to “Not To” depend on other objects anymore. (such as god, amulet, or even Buddha statue). You can accept that they exist but you must not depend on them.
    What you can depend on are
    1. Buddha (literally means “Know / Buddha knows”, NOT Buddha statue)
    2. Dhamma (knowledge which Buddha taught)
    3. Sangka (Know or understand follow what Buddha taught)
    And then just tell other people that you are Buddhist already.

  3. I checked my local phone book. Even though Buddhism is not technically a religion, they had a listing under “Churches – Buddhist”, which would give you a chance to talk to some real live people. Good luck! I’m agnostic, but I really try to follow Buddhist philosophy as I understand it.

  4. There are as many sects of Buddhism as there are of Christianity. They are very different in their beliefs and practices. So first things first. Zen? SGI? Indian? Tibetan? Vietnamese? (I love the writings of Thich Nhat Hahn.)
    Do some research and figure out what sort of Buddhist you want to become.

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