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How do I go about becoming an actual witch? (a solitary witch for now)?

i’ve done some research i know that a witch is not someone who rides brooms, shoots fire out of their hands… etc. but someone who is more intune with nature and earth and all that.


  1. I suppose the thought of making spells and dancing in the woods naked intrigues and fascinates you, but remember this, the one true God who does not put up with witchcraft and satanic practices, is the same true God who gives you breath. He is patient, slow to anger and abounding in love, not wanting anyone to perish but His patience does not last forever.
    So, you still want to become a witch?

  2. you have to dedicate yourself if you are solitary. If you’re looking to join a coven, then their initiation process is what you have to follow. There are a lot of self dedication rituals, find one that suits you or make one you feel comfortable with. Most of the ones you will find involve a salt bath and some kiind of essential oil of your choice. after that, it varies. hope this helps.

  3. if you don’t actually know anything about it then why do you want to become one? “witches” are followers of the religion called “wicca” or “wiccan”. go do some research on it.

  4. Read all the books you can on witchcraft. Search out other witches to talk with, and see how they practice. There are a lot of message boards and yahoo groups (do a search) where you can find information and help.

  5. You must accept that Witchcraft is not a ‘fad’ and isn’t something that you can do for a little while just because you think it’s cool. You can’t make your enemies hair fall out, you can make your ex boyfriend turn into a frog and you cannot change your appearance (make yourself more ‘pretty’, which seems to be quite common these days).
    Find a coven in your area if you’re really keen and sincere in learning the art and see what you can do.

  6. Hi, celestialwinterwolf:
    I know someone was married to a half-way decent woman until she rebelled against his faith. Then she became a real witch. she threw drinks in his face, chased him with knives and much more, then ended their marriage by chasing in bars.
    You can be that type of witch, too.
    P.S. Satan is playing a marionette game with earthlings. Read his real plans at http://www.revelado.org/cult.htm

  7. Read True Magick by Amber K and a few of Scott Cunninghams Books.
    NEVER EVER EVER read this crap by silver ravenwolf. She is an imposter and someone who prays upon the “rebelious nature” of the young teens to faslify her very own religion.
    Also the temple books by Christopher Penczak are very easy to read and understand.
    Raymond Buckland is also very reliable, he just happens to be rather wordy in ceremonies and not a lot of people like that.
    But its all preference.
    Good luck on your journey and Blessed Be.

  8. Well you could try doing a google search for Wicca. Or wikipedia.
    “Wicca is a…nature-based religion. Wiccans practice witchcraft”.
    So obviously, those who are Wiccans are usually called “witches”. Not sure if thats what you are looking for.

  9. In my opinion, as soon as you refer to yourself as a witch, you are one.
    But remember, a witch accepts the consequences for his/her actions (we all mess up occasionally). Witches are not supposed to purposely try and hurt someone, ESPECIALLY not to use magic to hurt someone.
    I tried to give my sister pimples and I was freaking covered in pimples merely hours later. That sort of accepting of consequences.
    A witch must not force religious beliefs on other people. A witch believes in free-thinking. A witch knows she is powerful behind imagination and that no one can touch her as long as she is following Spirit.
    I hope this helps you.

  10. Some Wytches do ride brooms and shoot fire out their hands but not in the way most people think. Keep an open mind and start at the library.


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