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How do I go about becoming a pagan?

What is the first step into becoming a pagan, specifically Neoshamanism?
No, I’m not interested in your fundamentalist christian talk about me going to hell.


  1. I know you’re not interested but i’m telling you anyways.
    Life without Ceiling Cat (PBUH) will result in death and rebirth in the lair of the basement kitteh (DON’T capitalize his name). Please repent.

  2. In the end religion is a belief. If you believe the pagan teachings are correct than just start practicing the religion and there you go.
    Funny how Christians are still yapping at pagans. That’s something that goes back over 1000 years.

  3. Pagan = not worship One God.
    Pagan = Witch, Greek Myth, Native Indian Myth, Chinese Myth, Shinto, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Voodoo, Lots. you can choice it. (:

  4. asking a genuine q on the best of days is iffy, ask it on a saturday, you are likely to be quite dissapointed ;-(
    lets just say that, if you think your pagan, you are usualyl pagan
    and if you want to become a specific pagan group/religion and follow their belifs, then generally it would id think include learning more about them, abut the beleifs, the ways, seeing if their beleifs fit with yours
    im eclectic so cant help you with specifics as i dont know much about specifics, but generaly, thats the way i think it goes, learn, discover, realise

  5. Reading. Read as much as you can.
    Meditating. Mental discipline is essential.
    A journal is also a good way to sort out your feelings, mark down your questions, record your dreams, etc… keep track of all the things going on inside youre head as you are learning.

  6. 1)Ignore the fundies saying you’ll go to hell and are opening yourself up to demons. They don’t believe in either.
    2)Get the book: Wicca, a Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham (Amazon.com used books is a great resource)
    3)Avoid Silver Ravenwolf, DJ Conway and most Llewellyn books
    4)Do NOT pay for lessons over the internet. You can’t ask for references. Do NOT give out personal information to anyone over the internet. Get a PO Box.
    5)www.witchvox.com http://wicca.timerift.net
    6)Learn and keep learning about various paths in paganism.
    7)get the book: “Drawing Down the Moon” by Margo Adler (an older book that’s a little dated, especially concerning Asatru but a good resource) – it gives an overview on a lot of pagan traditions.
    8)I’m not a good resource beyond these suggestions. I not a Wiccan.

  7. you need to find a mentor to teach you the shamanistic ways if that’s the path you want to follow. other than that, you don’t HAVE to do anything to become a pagan. if you believe as we do, you’re already one of us.

  8. Shamanism isn’t super popular, so you’ll have to do a LOT of research to find someone to mentor you. Check out witchvox.com. They have lists of clergy, stores, and profiles of pagans in every state. You might be able to find someone that way.
    This link might answer some of your questions on paganism or set you out on the right direction, even though its mostly about Wicca.
    Good Luck

  9. I’d venture to say you have already taken the first step by merely identifying with it. Now, next up, read read read! – Go buy some books on the subjects that intrigue you. One specific book I’d suggest which is just about paganism and a bit of its more modern history would be “Drawing down the Moon” by Margot Adler. The more you learn the easier it will be for you to figure out what sort of pagan you want to become.


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