how do I get to know myself?





“know thyself.” I’ve heard this so many times. I’ve read that in almost all Eastern teachings(buddhism, taoism, hinduism, and Zen and Socrates’ teachings) the center of their beliefs and the secret to enlightenment is knowing the Self. I don’t understand that. how do you know yourself? what does that mean? is it literal? is it just knowing what you want, who you are, where you are, etc.? what are your thoughts?


  1. “That looks tough. I don’t know if I can do that.”
    When you come across those times, you are saying, you don’t know what you are capable of.
    Go past your comfort zone and test your fear/pain barrier.
    Once you have done something you have never done before, you are more aware of your potential.
    (PS. I don’t mean life threatening things just for the thrill of it. Even just talking to people you hardly ever speak with. Elderly, rich, poor, that guy on the train that always hides behind his newspaper. Do you know how you would go talking to them?)
    Know thyself

  2. I have no idea what they really meant since I haven’t read any reliable sources. But here’s my assumption:
    If you want to study nature, you study nature. But if you want to study humanity, well, you’re the only specimen you have real access to. It’s through you that you’re going to learn anything you’ll ever. So you might as well get to know the one who’s doing all the seeing, hearing and memorizing for you. Maybe there are flaws in your perception that make you biased and you should know about this.
    Or another idea. Some say that humans are born with the ability to find answers within themselves. Answers to anything at all. But nowadays we have forgotten about this ability and rely on outer sources. These sources – they may be right, they may be wrong. We may find out they were wrong when it is too late. The better way out is to just to develop your sixth sense, rely on your instincts – the “you” that you tend to neglect.

  3. It is spiritual.”God dwells within you as you” Swami Muktananda taught this,also Jesus taught this only in Jesus’s time people were more barbaric,he had to vail the truth and speak in parables,they still crucfied him for this teaching.

  4. It is based upon Love. Man, love thyself. To truly be able to love the self, one must gain an understanding of the constitutes of the self that is soul. Try writing a biography about yourself in the third person. This exercise will draw you to see the side others see. None know you as you. You fears, worries, aspirations, loves, hurts ..
    Write the journal knowing none other will see it but you. You will learn so much and come to love the person you are than a false and boastful egotism many sycophants of this therapy loudly boast of. A quiet and indulgent knowing of the greatness within you leads you to become self absorbed, and find thereby all happiness, peace and truth within.
    Study introspectively about your personal habits, and deviant thinking, wants and ambitions, or past errors and examine what could be causing these traits and the knowledge itself will lead to cure. Self analysis leads to spiritual awaking, leads to liberation of the soul gains man mastery of his own life and will.
    On different days you will see a different you, our mood colours judgment, perspective and sense. Thinking changes daily, as does life. Your task is to rise above these waves of atmospheric change and be your own God. What is an immortal Kingly Lord one day appears to you as a snively little loner unable to brew a cup of coffee without mishap. Knowing this you will slowly master these erratic mood swings and upon their onset, curb and control.
    What greater knowledge can man acquire than to know himself.

  5. Put yourself in an intense situation and see how you react. Really get out of your safety zone and find out if you can handle. Do the following:
    1. Public speaking
    2. Base jumping
    3. Find the hottest woman in any of your classes, talk to her, and hold her attention for ten minutes
    4. Volunteer to do community service in a neighborhood where you are a racial minority.
    5. Go dancing at a predominantly black night club
    6. Sing a Sinatra song on karaoke in front of total strangers.
    7. Participate in open mic night at the local comedy club
    All the philosophy in the world is total b.s. if you can’t translate thought into constructive action.

  6. The best is after long and trying experiences… when you test your patience, you really get to know who you are and how capable you are in coping with this world.

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