How do I get those embedded stepping stones in my lawn (as seen on that Deepak Chopra question in here)?

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? Thanks

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Purchase stepping stones and a shovel. Dig a hole just deep enough to allow the stone to be level with the top of your turf. Put the stone in and you are done.


If you’ve got time and energy (and you either own or are willing to rent a truck/trailer) find a nearby quarry (limestone is good) whose owners are willing to let you pick through their stones and buy a few from them.
I phoned up the local quarry and asked if I could do this and they said sure, as long as I wore steel toed boots. They supplied an orange reflective vest and a hard hat for me to wear on the work site. After three trips to the quarry last summer, we now have a beautiful stone walkway from our driveway to our house and around the flower garden!
The total cost of my project? I paid the quarry $30 for the stones and spent perhaps $50 more for gasoline for the car (a Honda Civic with a small trailer, if you can believe it, though I’d recommend a pickup if you can get one). The rental of a trailer or pickup would be perhaps another $60. The biggest cost is labor. It took several weekends of working long, long hours to pick out the stones and then dig out holes in the grass and lay the stones. Consider it an exercise program …


too help keep stones level and at the proper grade, use screenings for a base under the stepping stones


you can get them at any nursery and home improvement store.


lay the stone on the ground and trace around it with the flat shovel….. then remove the stone, remove the grass and enuff soil beneath it that the stone can sit on a bed of about an inch of sand and still be just a wee bit above the soil/grass level, so that when you mow, the stones won’t interfere with the mower blade….. be sure they’re as close to level with the soil as possible so you don’t trip on the edge of one… placing them closer together helps with how you’ll walk on them, too….


Chose the type of stone you like best. Lay the stone out the way you want it. Mark the edges of the stones and dig out so the stone sits at the same height as the soil around it. There isn’t a need for sand or a real need to make sure the stone is exactly level. It isn’t a real labor intensive task but it takes a little time.


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