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How do I get Tarot cards and learn how to read them? For Pagan, Witches, or Wiccan's???

I’m investigating my creative energy side and wanting to learn how to read tarot cards or how to get started anyway…..I hoping to embrace a gift I may have….
Any Pagan, Wiccan, Witches gu ru’s out there


  1. not only pagans,wiccan,witches used this things. It is a divine gift to forwarn people of impending disaster so that they could protect themselves and avoid destruction of their life.
    not only tarot cards could be used for divination.pencil and paper is nice to practise what they call automatic wrting.

  2. Google
    Azure Green
    Isis Books
    both stores are well stocked in a large variety of Tarot cards and books on how to interpret them.
    With any form of divination though, the books ill only take you so far. They teach you what to look for as you continue to practice readings, you ill develop a relationship with your tool of choice and begin to intuit things from it that are not written down. So start with the books and then practice, practice, practice.

  3. Divination is condemned by the Bible – you are inviting demons into your life. As you will gradually discover, a very unpleasant prospect.

  4. I bought my first deck of Tarot Cards at my local “magick shop” … my second deck I bought at a store in a mall that was sort of a neopagan store … and the last deck I purchased online.
    I learned how to use them by reading a number of books and by talking to my Mentor (the heritage witch who ran the store I bought my first deck). She actually teaches a class but I have yet to take it.
    I have always been drawn to cards since I was a child and I used to “pretend” to read cards for friends using a deck of playing cards but now as I look back I believe my ability was trying to surface back then. Now I do readings quite frequently and with accuracy. People seek me out for guidance.
    I am Wiccan.
    Bright Blessings to you!

  5. The Tarot cards sold at the Wiccan stores near me come with directions. A woman I used to date had some that she toyed-around with. I suspect you’d be able to research the interpretations on the Internet too.

  6. To be a real tarot card reader they say that you have to be given a set by someone you know,other wise they will not work the way they should.
    I was given a set as a gift many years ago,and because i did
    not fully understand the way they worked,i got rid of them through a shredder.
    I was told by a friend that for them to work you had to believe
    that they were for a good purpose as to many people got
    them for an alternative reason,and believed that they could conger up evil !!!

  7. Here is a site to look over different decks and one for learning to read the cards…and I am not Pagan, Wiccan or a witch and I read the cards very effectively…

  8. Well, most book stores have tarot cards, and usually books on how to read them ^_^ Also, tarot cards usually come with a little instruction booklet with them. Tarot is basically learning to control your energy and focusing it into the cards, allowing them to help you. Two pieces of advice I have for you.
    1- Don’t try to do anything thats to personal right off the bat, your own aspirations and hopes might cloud it.
    2- Theres an old tradition, not really something all witches or pagans accept, but its an old superstition that says you must recieve your first tarot deck as a gift.
    Hope I helped at least a little!

  9. If you want to learn about the subject without having to sort through a lot of anonymous answers by strangers, about whom you know nothing, including whether they know anything, there’s a way to learn.
    The reading list below can act as a source for you. Most of the titles can be found in your local library.

  10. Go to a bookstore, pick the cheapest deck you feel appeals to you, then follow the directions enclosed within….don’t put a lot of money into it until you are sure it’s something you want to do.


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