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How do I get started in Wicca?

A friend of mine turned me onto Wicca and I have bought some books, but most say I need a coven to do any magic or any spells. Can I not just read the books and try the spells myself or do I need coven to get them to work. If so how do I go about staring a coven.


  1. Wicca and Witchcraft are two different things. While some Wiccans are Witches not all Witches are Wiccan.
    You don’t need a coven to make anything work or to have a relationship with the divine. All you need is yourself.
    What books have you been reading that instructed you otherwise? Read Scott Cunningham’s “Wicca: A guide for the Solitary Practitioner.”

  2. Find books by Scott Cunningham, especially Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner. That will give you some excellent starting points. Ultimately, you need to study and research. You might also check out witchvox.com and religioustolerance.org.

  3. Plenty of witches work free-lance, without a coven. However, many that are in a coven find the support and help invaluable. Finding the right Coven can be tricky.
    Just like anything, some witches work better alone, others in groups.
    But be warned, there is more to witchcraft/Wicca than magick (spelled with a ‘k’, ‘magic’ refers to the entertainmentkind) and spells!
    Let me know if you need any help with anything.

  4. I have never read any book that says a coven is required to practice magic and I’ve read a great deal. Wicca and witchcraft are NOT synonyms. You can be Wiccan without getting involved in witchcraft as well as you can be a witch without being Wiccan. Wicca has been an initiatory religion which required you to be initiated into a specific tradition; however, there are now many people who identify as eclectic Wiccans that are not part of a specific tradition.

  5. Wicca is a religion. This website is quite good for accurately explaining the basics of Wicca.
    Witchcraft is a magical practice.
    You are in no way even close to being in the position to start a coven yourself. And while learning within a coven from more experienced elders can be quite helpful, it is not necessary. (Though I do agree that at some points along your path you should have some real-life teachers to supplement your book learning.)
    I would recommend the following books and at least a year of study of witchcraft (and even other magical practices) before attempting to work spells.
    Another good site with information and networking resources for Wiccans, witches, and other pagans is The Witches’ Voice:

  6. Starting your own coven at this stage would not be wise or effective. I suggest you visit http://www.amberandjet.org and read a bit about what Wicca is and the type of people who practice their craft in a coven. In some time you may wish to join one that already exists.

  7. I recommend Christopher Penczak’s book The Inner Temple of Witchcraft. It’s the elements of witchcraft at their most basic: finding your connection to the earth, visualizing, and meditation. He approaches it with a skeptical eye, avoids dogma at all costs, and explains the scientific theories behind natural magick.
    The best thing about it is that it so much about real witchcraft at it’s most basic. No spells, no drama, no frills. It’s great for anyone considering Wicca/witchcraft because it shows the true nature of it rather than just giving you cute little spell recipes and telling you what a ceremony should look like.
    Avoid Silver Ravenwolf. She’s good for kicks, but her version of Wicca is… cutsie.

  8. Be a solitaire–in other words, work magic and spells by yourself. Though it is true that covens offer lots of power and, of course, several friends, I can tell you from experience that you will have a better time as a solo artist. Emily is right–avoid Silver Ravenwolf. I mean, with a name like that??? You’ve gotta be kidding.
    The Internet can help you, but the best resources are in your local library and bookstore. “Drawing Down the Moon” by Margot Adler gives a good history of Paganism and Wicca in America. As far as good beginner’s books–there’s a lot out there. “Wicca & Witchcraft for Dummies,” as dumb as it sounds, is actually a great read!

  9. starting a coven is not advisable at all untill you at least have experience and have decided this is the path for you , you do not have to be part of one.some feel it is more beneficial but many witches are solitary. As has been said wicca is a religion and very much a way of life also. it is not all about spells and magick there is so much more to it than that and again it helps to know the basics and ethics before moving on to spells etc at all. study as much as you can there are many books out there offering a variety of perspectives some of the best have been listed already and they are deffinately worth viewing.. but yes seriously do avoid anything by Silver RavenWolf !!

  10. You don’t need to be in a coven to do a spell. There are some spells that need more than one person, but solitary wicca/ or witchcraft don’t require anyone but yourself.

  11. One..stay away from covens…most won’t take a new practitioner in anyway.
    Two…This has already been stated anything by Scott Cunningham will never steer you wrong.
    Three…www.witchvox.com…they have many articles and it is a great community that welcomes all forms of Paganism.
    Don’t be discouraged and don’t give up. Any Pagan or Wiccan will tell you that the learning never stops. You will be learning and growing in the craft until the day you pass from this life.
    A great rule to live by don’t cast spells on or for yourself. They tend to all back fire as personal gain. Never cast a spell on someone for vengeance..they will backfire worse on you. Only cast a spell for someone with their consent.

  12. Don’t participate into a coven. Most of them arevery dangerous. They ask for your money, for sex with you in the name of the Goddess (but that’s just a justification, they rape you), they make you do things you ‘d never do. And if you try to leave the coven they create an astral bond with you so that they will control you magically.
    But you can still practice magic. You can be an ecclectic Wiccan. You can buy Scott Cunninghum’s book ‘Guide for the Solitary Practitioner’. Many Wiccans and Pagans are solitarym which means they work on their own and don’t belong to a coven. They do their rituals alone and they can still be great witches. I personally think that if you become your own teacher then you’ll be much more powerful that those Witches that belong to a coven.
    Just to relax a bit from your search, listen to this song. It’s the revolutionary Etude by Chopin and always remember that the path you’ve chosen is a constant fight with yourself to make yourself better, more responsible and more knowledgeable. But most of all you need passion and strength. Take some listening to this song and good luck : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yq_ea5RgvOI

  13. 1. Read, read, read and read some more. The more you read, the more you’ll know.
    2. Be careful when reading and learning. Don’t take everything at face value; not everything you hear will be true, so think about all you take in, evaluate and choose if you actually believe that or not.
    3. No, you don’t need a coven. I, like many other Wiccans, practice solitary. Some prefer groups, though.
    4. Wicca isn’t all about spells and magick. It’s actually quite a small portion. Magick can be practiced AFTER you learn a lot about it, though. Don’t go aimlessly trying spells and abide by the Law of Three and the Wiccan Rede. They don’t requite covens, though. Many people do magick alone.
    5. For more info, read this article – http://wicca.timerift.net/wicca101/become_wiccan.shtml – and look around the rest of the site. It’s great!
    Good luck and always keep an open mind!


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