How do I get started in meditation?

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I am trying to learn to meditate and I am looking for techniques that might be helpful. Is breathing essential or can I meditate without the inhale and vocal exhale? Is it better to sit cross legged or does it matter? What can I expect when I have mastered the art of meditation?

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meditation is a beautiful state of serenity and i am glad you are taking it up. breathing is essential. you must breathe in and out of your nose, but your exhale must NOT BE VOCAL. thats just the stuff you see in movies. it throws off the balance of brain waves and puts your focus on your voice. your seating position is also important. it doesnt matter if you sit indian style (crossed legs) or with right foot to right knee. make sure you are at maximum comfort with you legs. also, your back must be straight, pretent someone is pulling on a string at the top of your head. it may help to have some sort of sounds on in the background. NO MUSIC! maybe the noises of the jungle or the ocean. keep it to a very low volume. once you have reached meditation, it feels as if every thought you have ever thought vanishes and nothing matters but yourself. its really cool.
hope i helped!


Ironically, people use it to get to a future they imagine will be somehow other than what they’re doing every day, so what are they practicing?
Real meditation is experiencing this moment to discover it lacks nothing.


I provided the link below as an answer to your question as it does a thorough job of answering it. Good luck in finding enlightenment!
btw: i use their cds and cannot recommend them more highly!!


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