Home Discussion Forum how do i get rid of negative energy?

how do i get rid of negative energy?

I am beyond affrimations and trying to meditate, listen to pretty music or simly being optamistic. I am depressed. every day is a struggle to breathe. pain. turmoil. sorrow. agony. wave after wave crashing down on top of me. any suggestions on something that might have worked for you, or for somebody you know?


  1. Sunlight.
    Go outside in the early morning, under the sun, raise your arms up over you head and scoop with cupped hands slowly down your aura (you will feel the weight of the negative energy). This will clear the negative energy off your aura, you will actually feel lighter right after this.
    Some exercise will help too, or just hang upside down from the couch for a minute or two to have some blood flow going.


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