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How do I get rid of negative energy on myself?

I still have resentment towards this person that I used to date that was not very nice to me and it seems that whenever he comes to my mind or when I see him somewhere, I feel this bad energy inside of myself.
I know that you can burn sage to get rid of bad energy, but what else can I do that’ll free myself of this negative energy towards him besides confronting him since that’s the LAST thing I would want to do.


  1. surround yourself with good people that should ward off bad energy. Plus if you surround yourself with good energy you’ll feel a lot less stress.

  2. Learn to cope with it. You could meditate on it, discovering what it does to you and where it comes from, and once you find that out, discuss it with them to just let them know and resolve it that way, burying the hatchet for good.
    As for mystical means, I don’t have my book of herbs with me, but most times a practical approach is better than a spiritual one. Blending the two can yield the best results, but you still need a direct component.

  3. you can walk or run, any physical activity probably will do, walking supposevely increase your happy hormone level, so you feel better, another thing is tryng going out again with someone nice, that will help as well.

  4. i know. i use to have a friend that brought out negative energy too.
    just think: i don’t need people who bring out the worst of me in my life. and if you have this mindset floating around, you’ll naturally feel happier. don’t bring yourself to hate this person, simply see him as a lesson to learn. he came into your life for a reason, and his purpose was to teach you about how to let go.
    so do just that. whenever you run into him, be brave. give a curt smile, and go on with your way. don’t stop to say anything.

  5. a great book is “Radical Forgiveness” by Colin Tipping….it will change your life….also, The Amazing Power of Emotions- Abraham Hicks this are ways to change it from within.

  6. Try confronting him – you’ve mentioned it already. Often the last thing I want to do in social situations like this is the thing I really should do.

  7. Sounds like you need closure. You can confront him but you don’t have to be hostile about it. Just speak your mind and then get over it.
    Its his lost. Just move on.

  8. Praise and worship will do it or just simply ask G-d but I warn you if you ask and do not let go it will be seven times more increased on your spirit . It is not just you you still desire them but they still desire you humans are connected in many more ways than they could ever know!

  9. I understand your frustration and I hope you overcome in a healthy positive manner. I too was in a relationship that ended “badly” and was consumed with negative thoughts towards her.
    The only way to get rid of this negative energy you refer to is to find out where the source is. Unfortunately your ex is not that source.
    I’m attaching a video which I hope will help you to understand as it did me. It’s about 15 minutes long but worth it.

  10. make a vow to yourself. promise to not allow this person around you for more than an hour…knowing this person will be gone or you will be leaving will give you ample time to visit without it being overbearing. if this person calls you, then promise not to answer their call immediately and wait two days before calling them back, affirming that you have been busy and ask them how they are doing and then quickly be running out the door. eventually once you have honored your promises to avoid this person until they have a clue you are not accesible…then you will have peace. you have created a boundry that you like to live by and when you choose to have contact with this person it is at your discretion.

  11. Turn your eyes upon Jesus
    Look into His wonderful face
    And all the things on earth
    Will grow strangely dim
    In the light of His glory and grace

  12. The answers you recived from Brother Jimmy & Brother Deoniamh are wonderfull answers:)
    I would Just rest in the love God has for me,
    I wouldn’t bother confronting him.
    Wishing you all of God’s best:)


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