Home Discussion Forum how do i get rid of demons when i'm astral projecting?

how do i get rid of demons when i'm astral projecting?

everytime i try to get out its almost like these faces sometimes shadows of a lady’s face and sometimes its just like scary looking rotting faces… i don’t have much experiance with astral projection but i used to be able to get out there. it used to be a peacefull thing and now it scares the shit out of me everytime.. i don’t even know if this is all just me creating these things in my head but either way anyone know how to help


  1. the only person that can get rid of demons is not you or any human it is a war faught by spiritual beings and only Jesus can defeat them

  2. Astral projection, travel, your always connected to your body by a thin line of ectoplasm which is more physical then any demon or bad situation you might find yourself in, so always anchored in this world.
    From what I remember from a past life.

  3. *Take a ritual bath for protection.
    *Say a conjuration before attempting to astral protect.
    *Increase your lucidness.


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