How do I get rid of a possible evil presence in my house?

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I know this may sound out of the ordinary, I am a spiritual person, very open minded rather than over the top. Recently I’ve had a feeling that something evil is in my apartment. I live with my girlfriend, and it started when one night she said she woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t move but in the mirrors of the closet she could see a dark weird creature staring and laughing at her, followed by strange footstep sounds in the hallway. I told her it must be “sleep paralysis” which happened to me once, but she said no it was vivid. One night we looked at the clock and saw it was 11:11pm which symbolizes good luck and positive things in numerology, and as we said that not even a minute later I hit my toe on the coffee table and start bleeding. As if it wanted to mess with me. I need some help with remedies on how to get rid of evil presences, anything will help 🙂

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Desert Wisdom

Have your house blessed by a priest.


have your house blessed by a priest who sprinkles holy water around, or light a white candle and cleanse the aura of your apartment by walking the perimeter of every room with the candle and say a prayer.


This is a joke
Your gf had a bad dream
And when you stub your toe in the dark and now you think some magic being is in your house.
You think stubbing toes at night is such an impossibility that a supernatural being must have pushed the coffee table into you?


Your imagination has run a muck. Nothing is in your apartment, your girlfriend had sleep paralysis, 11:11 is just a number, you were careless in where you stepped (that was completely in your control), none of that is connected. Thinking that one thing presupposes or is related to another thing is a cognitive distortion. If you continue having issues, find a good counselor to see what is really bothering you. Okay? Deep breaths and relax.
If it gives you any comfort, there is no such thing as demons or hell in Judaism but mistranslations in the old testament and quran. It helped me.


I don’t see what this has to do with demons in your house. Your girlfriend had sleep paralysis. You experience vivid hallucinations during sleep paralysis because you are essentially combining the dream world with real sensory input.
So nobody has ever bumped their toe into a table late at night unless an evil spirit forced them to?

Sir Neil

While it is unwise to dismiss anything without proof of its non-existence, I would say that you seek medical help first. If it comes to no avail, then may be you would know for sure that something beyond science is troubling you.
The pagan holy Water is created by adding plain salt to clear stream water. Sprinkling this around your house would certainly help as salt helps earth negative energies. (They are used in ‘earth-ins’ in buildings).
Acquire dry sage (herb; available in supermarkets) and burn it as an incense and let the smoke reach every corner of your home.
Repeat as often as you must until you have removed what troubles you.
There are more ways to do this, but what I have mentioned should be easy enough for a layman.
Blessed Be.

sindy morrison

i believe you i myself have had a visit from all i can describe as pure evil i was totally awake when i was struck with what felt like cold water down my spine a darkness ovewhelmed the darkness i felt i was being pulled down my bed , laughed at mocked , a scraping scream came from the wall , i called mother of god and jesus to help me , i prayed to be left alone , it faded but i know this spirit will return .. can anyone relate to this terror experience ? thank you im sindy ..

oluchi ukeje

It’s real,I have felt that before, I only feel a presence and hear voices…. but i just feel you should pray more, and build up your inner self,so at least u can pick up courage to fight instead of just feeling afraid….


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