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How do I get over my self consciousness? I keep telling myself and actually believing that I can't follow?

through with anything successful. I mean I actually believe this. “I can’t do it”.


  1. Every person is self-conscious, either moderately or severely. There is no such thing as ” I can’t”, because you can. Look at the sources, and what do you not like about yourself? If it is a physical trait, like you think your butt is too big, or your thighs, many common problems to women, do something. My advice would be to join a support group. A group of women who all share similar problems and who can help you exercise ( which makes you feel good) and help you feel better about yourself.

  2. I’m no self help guide or anything like that but stop freakin whining and do something about it!! Who cares if you fail the first time or even a few times after that. What you think there are actual people out there who have never failed? Well guess what there aren’t. And let me tell you if there is then that means they have never tried anything. So get up off your a$$ and try!!!


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