Home Discussion Forum how do i get my tarot column into syndication?

how do i get my tarot column into syndication?

I write a tarot column for a local magazine. I would like to put it into syndication, so I can get published in more places. How do I go about it? I checked out online syndication services, they all have information only if you are seeking content, not providing it.


  1. As a Tarot game player, one of my pet peeves about how Tarot cards are depicted in the media is this false notion that Tarot reading is the only proper use of the cards. In fact these cards were originally made for games which are still played today especially in continental Europe. Is your “tarot column” about the use of Tarot cards for divination or is it about the use of these cards for playing a type of trick taking card game for which Tarot cards were originally intended?

  2. I have a website that specializes in tarot readings, spells, etc, and I would love to post any of your insight or your column on my site.


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