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How Do I get My Series On The Shelf?

I have a horror series pre-written. How do I get it to a publisher and get it in bookstores in the easiest way possible? Will publishers even bother with a 13 year old?
Here’s a writing sample:
Risika’s eyes darted back and forth across the hall. She felt glares of other students on her back as she walked past them. Call it coincidence, but she felt like they could see right through her; see that she was a Black Angel. She looked down at the floor. Light reflected of the glimmering surface, reflecting her own face back at her. Her familiar gray eyes peirced her mind like a wooden stake. Poisonous realization.
“What have I become?” She thought. “Ever since Justin came along, I haven’t been the same. Could he really have The Blank Aura?”
-“Blank Aura”
And I’ve got plenty more were that came from. If you have any websites or addresses, please do share. I thank you!


  1. You will have to go to the websites of every publisher you can think of, and get their mailing addresses. Try looking in your books in the first couple pages to see which company published them. Make multiple copies of the first one to three chapters of the book, and send it to them. With it, send a letter introducing yourself (name only), thank them for taking the time to open your letter, and MAKE SURE it has your address on it, and a number where they can reach you, including country and area code.
    Make sure when you are sending them that they are not folded at all. Buy the envelopes that will fit a full sheet of paper in it. It will cost more, but will look more professional.
    Do not mention your age.
    They will send a letter back to you (be patient), either asking for the rest of the book, or declining it.

  2. I’m the same age as you, and I’m almost done with my book as well. I typed in “Book Publishers” and “Literary Agents” into the google searchbar, and then looked up the names on Predators and Editors….Now I’m sending in query letters and manuscripts! 🙂 Goodluck, you have a real talent.

  3. its very good for a select readership-
    I dont want to give you false hope
    most publishers that take new material -tell you it will sell but you got to pay to get it printed-some will take your material and have a seasoned writer use it for a story-and you cant prove its yours.
    point is your familiar with horror series-magazines-go through them and see what is offered and who the publishers are of horror series like yours-then send select parts-dont mention age-if any take you up on it-which though it is great-most of the writers end up writing for their own feeling of accomplishement -when they got expectations-it works out the other way around.
    it will need to be proofed, yet a publisher will do that-it looks near ready -example (Light reflected of (off) the glimmering)
    your a great writer, david In Jesus amazing grace


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