How do i get my friends involved in wicca and magick with me?

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I practice wicca but i am getting lonely being a solitary witch. how can i get my friends involved and create a small coven? how do bring it up to them? no one knows that i practice wicca. it has been a secret of mine for quite some time.

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Just tell them witch way is up.

Mo Fayed

Tell them you can show them a whole new life of sex and drugs and stuff. (this is just to get them interested).


Joing your local GLBTA and talk to some lesbians there. They’re into that stuff. Yeah, it’s terrible to say but God it’s so true.
You can mention it to your current friends too, and just try to sell the idea to them. Try to tie the idea of Wicca to teen angst and rebellion and a few of your pals are sure to play along. Break the ice with a Ouija bored before you bring up magic”k”.

New Creation

Do so at great risk……….do you love your friends?
Luk 17:1 Jesus said to his disciples: “Things that cause people to sin are bound to come, but woe to that person through whom they come.
Luk 17:2 It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin.
Luk 17:3 So watch yourselves.


Unless they are bible thumpers, just ask them to join in.
Rev. Neil

Levi G

You are being decieved, sir/ma’am. The power instilled in you by witchcraft is a Satanic power. Seek Christ, and your eyes will be opened. Please end it, before it’s too late. I did.


Wicca and Paganism have nothing — I repeat — NOTHING to do with the christian devil, otherwise known as satan. We do not worship or even believe in the devil, demons, or any sort of supreme evil. If you were REALLY practicing Wicca, than you would know that. Please do your research before accusing an entire group of people that you dont even know of worshiping the devil and drawing power from him.


Wicca is not the Baptist Church. Evangelism has no place here.


….and the reason you asked this in R&S?

♥Ŝαғϊ♥ ►ẠτЋєατї◄

Why hide it?
Talk about it now and then. Let them get interested on their own. If they ask questions, answer them. Don’t push your religion on them.


i don’t think you need to get them involved. don’t hide what you believe, but stand strong in what you believe is right. practice what you believe inside of you to be the truth. i don’t try to get friends involved in what i do. they are welcome to learn from me, but if they choose not to, so be it. i have to answer to god for me, not others.

Auntie·Christ ⇔Holy⇔ Rick Roller

How do you get them involved?
You don’t.
There is nothing wrong with your personal practice, or even telling them that you are a witch. Nothing at all. However, it is their personal choice to become involved. If they are curious, it is fine to share. You cannot make them get involved unless it is the right path for them.
It would be kind of disrespectful, really. You’d be better off to look into others in your community to practice with, especially those who are further along in their paths.


Do not attempt to convert nor influence them. That would be rude and unfriendly. Continue your friendships as they are with acceptance of them and of yourself. Add more friends. Do not attempt to start a new coven. It is too soon for you. Take care.


That’s kind of being manipulative like some of the religions, don’t you think? You don’t want to be like that….
Everyone has their own interests. Are you hesitant to tell any of your friends for fear that they may judge you? You may bring the subject up in conversation at some point with your friends and see how they reply.
I used to be lonely at one time as well until God taught me how to Love, “I asked.” 🙂 I don’t go to church or belong to a religion. Only sharing…
My only advice would be to share your interests with some of your closest friends and see how they react, you may even get some feed back from them…

Frau Asher Cat *JPA

answer: 1) ignore the fundies – Wicca isn’t evil and isn’t going to send you to hell – it doesn’t exist in Wicca.
2) You mention that you’ve been learning and practicing this RELIGION and see if they’re interested. Might leave some of your Wicca books out and see if anyone is interested in discussing it.
3) If not, move on. Wiccans do not try and convert or recruit others.


Show them some cool magic, Then see what they think. Afterwards tell them that this is what you do in your religion ^___^


you shouldn’t persuade people if their beliefs aren’t the same as yours. If their beliefs are the same as yours then talk to them about what they do believe and if they’re interested then you can go from there. Otherwise, let them find their own paths.


Tell them about the Sabbats and ask them if they’d like to celebrate them with you.

The Passenger

You don’t.
Wicca as a religion DOES NOT actively seek converts. If one is interested or is seeking information, it is perfectly acceptable to share information and be helpful. It is not acceptable to try and convince others to join our religion. People come to Wicca on their own – we do not twist their arm, make grand promises, or sensationalize the religion in order to entice them into “joining up.”
If you are tired of being solitary, look into joining an already established coven in your area. is a good resource for finding others.
I would further recommend doing a bit more studying about Wicca before approaching others (whether it’s a group or just if you decide to tell others you are Wiccan) because if you have missed the fact that Wiccans don’t proselytize I’m worried about what other core tenets you might have missed. is a good online resource for accurate information about Wicca.

Janet L

My answer is the same as if a christian asked this. You don’t. They have the right to follow their path and don’t need you trying to influence them to follow you.


So let me get this straight…you want your friends to convert to another religion so that you can have a coven? How incredibly selfish.
If you don’t think that Wicca is a religion, then whatever it is that you’re doing is clearly not Wicca.
As for sharing your magical practice, look, either tell them or don’t, and accept the consequences. If you’re terrified that they will mock you, then don’t tell them and be solitary. There’s no real trick to this. Either you share or you don’t, and they are either interested or they are not.

Grey Owl

Since you already practice wicca you then should know that we as witches do not go out looking for new people to bring to wicca. That is against our ways. Being that you are still in the Broom closet to me means that you are not yet ready for what lies ahead in society and their thoughts on wicca and those who practice it. I f you are tired of being solitary I would go toi Witch Voice and sign up for a Meet Up in your area. The can help you network as well as meet others of like mind.Blessed Be Grey Owl


Hm. While my own life experiences tend to “dovetail” with
those of others who have posted…I will seem to reiterate
their recommendations with one exception:
Stay Away From Oujia Boards (_unless_ you are in a
properly Cast and Consecrated Circle)! The OB has no
means of “filtering” nor allowing for Dismissal/Banishing
of any Mischievious (or even Angry) spirit.
Insofar as the current planetary “lineup” can predispose one
to performing actions that may have unpleasant
Repercussions for up to 4 years (Total Solar Eclipse @
9 Leo on August 1st, Lunar Eclupse @ 24 Aquarius on
August 16th) I would strongly suggest you REFRAIN from
“outing” yourself at this time.
Do be aware that once you’ve exposed yourself…you’ll be
a “target” for every Evangelical in your area.
The suggestion from another poster that you try to find some
friends through Witches Voice (witchvox) might be the
better path to take.
If you must share this part of yourself with others…I would
(from personal experience when I was young, and foolish)
refrain from telling them too much. For some in your
community may wish you ill, and they will gather what info
they can (about your knowledge and skill) from your friends.

Morrigan Star Anise

Just tell your friends that you practice…. most of the time they will start asking questions and want to join in.
no trickery no recruiting.


Wiccans do not try to convert friends. You can mention that this is your faith, and answer questions that they ask you, but most Wiccans believe it is unethical to try to pressure your friends into joining your faith, no matter what it is. If they are interested in joining a coven with you, they will let you know.

Amanda S

One of the biggest falsehoods about Wicca is that we are a cult. A cult recruits people. If you FORCE your friends into Wicca, you will be perceiving it as a cult. Let them find out about it in a discrete manner. Leave some books out, or bring it up in subtle ways in a conversation. If they are interested and want to find out more, help them. Who better to guide them than you?


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