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How do I get my chakra to work so that I can be a ninja like naruto?


  1. Go and live in ‘Anime World’.
    Failing that, wake up and realise you live in the real world, get a job and start taking Yoga classes and learn to enhance your chakra naturally for a better sense of spiritual well being.

  2. well chakra is a little bit different in our world….
    you cant go to that limit like naruto… chakra is actually energy…
    A human body has 7 main chakras:
    1.Root- in the area of your tail bone —-colour:red
    2.Sacral- in the are of your ovaries(woman) or testicles(man)—-colour orange
    3.Solar Plexus – 5 cm above the belly button—-colour:yellow
    4.Heart – well the name says it —- colour: pink or green
    5.Throat – as well… —- colour: blue
    6.Third eye – in the middle of the forehead—–colour:indigo
    7.Crown —-colour: violet or white
    but you can still be a ninja, like if you take taikwando or something… and you can still study chakra, and release yours… and learn how to control it…
    well hope this helps somehow…

  3. You can either:
    1. Move to Japan and live with an ancient sect of long lost ninja warriors or Tengu-masked monks in the Kii mountain range and ask them to train you in their mysterious ninja ways, offering to clean the toilets in their dojos and temples as payment… You might also try the various mountains in China for their Kung Fu or Tai Chi and get into Buddhism to increase your unity with nature, thus allowing more pure energy to increase the strength of your “chakra” and maybe try Thailand, where many excellent and skilled fighters reside…!
    2. You can just, like, slap yourself across the face, drink a crap load of green tea, and just sulk on the fact that reality has no potential of being that cool, and move on with your life by contributing to the welfare of mankind.
    3. Or yeah, maybe yoga would do, too.
    So… chea… if you do, like, miraculously find an easier way to accomplish this, hit me up. Don’t be greedy, man. Share some of that glory!
    But I doubt that will ever happen. Just in case though, LMAO!

  4. First of all, the chakras that you see in yoga are just ways to expel “negative energy”. In this case, the negative energy is the bad feelings, the problems and all those troubles you may have. This is totally different from its fictional use in Naruto.
    Secondly, Naruto is fictional.
    Lastly, we all know that there are real ninjas, right? They are only people who engage in assassination, espionage and martial arts. They were just highly trained in the field of martial arts. If you want to be a ninja, go back in time to the Kamukara-Edo period and take up some training to do some dangerous missions.

  5. There are real ninja in this world, but they are not like the ninja in Naruto because Naruto is fictitious story created by Masashi Kishimoto…
    There is a martial art called Ninjutsu that teach you how to become a ninja…

  6. chakra is very cool if you no how to use that is. but get use to it byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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