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How do I get my astral self out of physical self?

I try by counting backwards from 100 repreatedly after relaxing my entire body. Once, I felt my body start to vibrate for a second, does this mean I am getting close? I understand you need to relax your body and mind, but then what? How do I actually get my astral self out of my physical self? Does it just happen naturally while I’m counting or do I need to do something more? (skeptics and people who believe it’s a “sin” please dont answer)


  1. lsd
    dont believe me? think about any of the spiritual people from the 60s that had such experiences…its drugs dude

  2. You Could Take a “Homo” Seltzer and wake up “Feeling YourSelf”!!!
    (Just Kidding!)
    Give that Stuff Up Kid, won’t get ya’ nowhere.

  3. It be done but I can’t give advice cause I haven’t learned how yet. I stay busy with others.
    BUT never give up before the miracles happen. If it’s been done by one, you can do it too.

  4. Sorry, but i answered. and i think the closest your gonna get to getting your “astral self” out of your “physical self” is falling asleep. belive it from a man who has lived it, its not gonna happen.

  5. This takes a long time to learn how to do. When you are in meditation, try focusing on a specific place, and in this place try to look for your spiritual guide of the light (accept help from the light only, not dark) and ask for assistance. Light white candles, and burn sage. Have you ever had dreams you were somewhere else? Your best bet right now, would be to focus on your dreams and what they mean, meditate and try to connect with your guides.

  6. Wow, you people. What’s wrong with a little curiosity?
    First off, stop focusing on the physical body. Focus only on the spirit. Meditate, do not count. Focus until you stop hearing yourself breathe, and only hear your heartbeat. Do not strain. Feel where the spirit flows in you, and then direct it outward.

  7. You’re close, when it happens, you won’t notice it, you’ll remember it the next day.
    It takes a lot of relaxation, meditation and practice. A friend of mine did it once, I was sound asleep with my new boyfriend, now my ex husband …I woke up in the middle of the night, sat bolt upright looked at the bedroom door and told Kathy to go home, very firmly….at dawn the next day my phone rang. As I picked it up, I said ‘B-tch, he practically crawled off the bed to get away from you!”…..she laughed hysterically, because she didn’t know it worked! She asked me what it looked like and was kind of disappointed when I told her a four foot tall square wavy thing, like heat rising. All she had done to slip out of her body was meditate and relax while invisioning herself walking out of her apt and up the stairs into mine…..

  8. Try to envision yourself engulfed in a cloud of white. If it helps, picture yourself lying whereever you are lying as if you are a third party, outside yourself. Then “see” the white cloud coming toward you, relaxing a little bit more every inch the cloud comes. As it touches your toes, feel your toes relax and become elevated and supported by the cloud. SLOWLY let the white nothingness surround your ankles, then calves, etc… until you are supported solely by the white cloud.
    Don’t force it; don’t try. Just let it happen – just be. As you relax and “view” yourself from outside your self (punctuation intentional), you will eventually become disembodied and feel your spirit begin to join with the astral world.

  9. Actually, the fantasy author Katharine Kerr wrote the method for ascending to the astral plane in her Deverry series stories. Some people have trouble because they don’t realize that you have to go through the ethereal plane before you can get to the astral plane.

  10. first off you need t put your self into a self hypnotic state!
    this is done in many ways.
    1. lay flat & comfortable then close your eyes & picture a screen on your eye lids & see the screen scroll back wards from 3 going 3 – 3 – 3 -2-2-2 1-1-1 then a blank screen, then taking deep breaths count backwards from 10 & taking a breath with each number counted! after that it is a matter of picturing your self leaving your body & looking around the room f yu can see the room with out opening your eyes you have started & con gras!

  11. kk, ive gotten close, but my bro always messes me up when I get close, you need to lay on a couch or bed, then just relax, like yoga. forget everything. Imagin yourself moving around- sort of floating out of your body- but not doing it. you need to be able to feel your arms moving. start with the fingers and toes, then arms and legs. it will probably take a while though. keep your eyes closed, but try to imagin the room. get it so you see all the details. then just float out of your body.
    (you may have already done it, because if you dont go back to your body before your done, then you dont remember it. But DONT do it when your tired, i dont remember why, but something freaky messes you up)
    hope i helped, tell me if you do it

  12. you know i once search on line for this stuff, when i was a teen. from what i remember it said to put a glass of water by your bed, and go to sleep thirsty and thinking about that water… and then your “astral self” suppose to move and drink the water while your “physical self” still asleep… BUT it never worked for me, so i gave up.. it’s suppose to take YEARS of practice to get an inch closer to leaving your body and going someplace else… good luck, kid

  13. Some learn how to do it by deep mediation, for me it happens on it’s own while I sleep, as the heart rate slows down. The times that I have astral projected, astral traveled, the four times that I know about, usually had something to do with other spirits. So I believe that spirits can help, usually for a reason when they are around.
    It just happens when it does when asleep…….but if your mediating, try lighting a white candle and concentrate on the flame, or close your eyes thinking one thing, relax slowing your heart rate down.


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