Home Discussion Forum how do i get into the meditation stage?

how do i get into the meditation stage?

I’ve been doing it or at least trying to do it and i was told when your going into the meditation stage your thoughts disappear and the best way to do this is to pay attention to your breathing but don’t do it voluntarily but i constantly start to think about something else how do i stop this?


  1. The practice is to keep bringing the Awareness back to the breath. The effort is well worth the result but you must be faithful to the practice. With time the effort becomes an effortless effort…. Peace and Blessings….

  2. actually, you have it all wrong . . . . the idea behind meditation is not to stop thoughts, that would be impossible . . . but to recognize that that is all they are . . . .thoughts . . .
    they will continue to “bubble up” (as Lil Frieda used to say) . . . .and they will go away all by themselves as long as you bring your conscious back to breathing . . . . that is just a trick actually . . . and you will get past that as well.
    it takes commitment and, unfortunately, time, to begin with.

  3. The 4:15 to Meditation Nevada was canceled in 1902. You missed your ride.
    Meditate, cogitate, it’s pretty much the same. Think long and deeply on anything to the point of canceling out your environment. Like the POW that kept his sanity by meditating on his favorite golf course every day.
    Get quiet and think.

  4. I’m not good at meditating but what I found works for me is Vipissana, which I call the “flow-through” method. You sit quietly, feet on floor, hands on knees, and just listen to your thoughts. As a thought comes up, you say “thank you for visiting” and let it go. Recognize your anger, sorrows, joys, whatever, with “thank you for visiting” and let them go. Surprising what you learn about yourself and how relaxed you get in the process. There many methods of meditation, all I can say is that one works well for me.


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