How do I get into natural healing?

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I’m 14, and currently in yr 10 at school in NZ, and I’m not doing too well.
Because of the recession, I can’t get into a few things I’d like to do (hairdressing, but nevermind about that).
I hate school, I’m always in trouble, I can’t do most of the work, people are horrible.. etc. rantrantrant, so yeah I want to leave ASAP but I can’t because I don’t have any plans after that.
I would really like to get into aromatherapy, natural healing, crystal healing, basically alternative medicine. I don’t know what to do, and I don’t want people telling me particular places to go or things to sign up to, I would just like some guidance.
Thank you,

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Healing Art Forms

Look into Reiki as this is a good place to begin for anyone wanting to work with crystals, healing and energy. From there you can expand to what suits you for your needs. This is a good


the first thing you must do is heal yourself if you are having the problems you discribe then it is apparent that you need to work on you own issues firsrst. you cannot help others when you yourself are drowning, i am all the things you wish to be but it took years of work and i am still not perfict yet. if you feel people are horable than how with such judgement can you helop them. look in the mirror and see yourself in others , the first rule of this is” IF YOU HAVE A REACTION TO SOMETHING THAN YOU OWN IT: if you see something in others tat bothers you that is a mirror of your issue that you must clear it in yourself first. take what you can that is good and fits in school and in life and let go of the rest without judgement, look for the the devine in everyone you meet they are just like you trying their best in a very difficult world
Rich Parker


Answering your questions you can find many programs online that would help you find the right fit. I think first i would finish my education from a virtual school . such as or Alpha omega This will help you with the skill you need to succeed in life. A great place to find natural herbs and purchase pure oils is
I hope this information is helpful and may you have a blessed day

Soul Doctor

Here are a few useful links to Alternative Healing sites please check them out :-
I hope and pray these help you in your search, my friend.
Take care and God bless you and your loved ones.


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