Home Discussion Forum How do I get in tune with my subconscious mind?

How do I get in tune with my subconscious mind?

I want to create positive change and reprogram my internal computer, take control of the ship in which I am Captain.


  1. I dont think thats posible in a life time unless all you have to do is study yourself.Do you have the money to be studied ,it would take alot of money and time,

  2. Magic mushrooms,LSD, high grade marijuana but dont get caught because in this supposedly (free) society these substances are illegal. In 2006 , Can you believe that? also yoga, bhuddism and good ways through meditation to re connect with the subcosciousmind.

  3. Begin with your conscious mind and go down one level.Are you looking for information?Memories you stored there?Are you trying to see from it’s perspective?Motive is highly important.Please clarify….Good answer.Your internal computer,your subconscious mind is closer than you think.The human body is the answer.It’s intelligence is far better than any computer.Your flesh is responsive to your slightest thoughts.Your ideas and beliefs about it’s purpose and function will help or impede it’s function.It is your spirit in the flesh.The idea of Y2K was actually refering to this computer.The biological mind.As the body wakes up,so will the ego.That’s why the martial arts were originally a vehicle for the spiritual teachings.They were training the Self to wake up on every level……There’s more info when you’re ready. You know much. if not everything already Look in the basement, there is nothing to fear..

  4. I recommend you read the book ” Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health” by L. Ron Hubbard.
    This book explains fully the mechanics of the “subconscience mind” or Reactive Mind and gives you the technique to achieve
    positive change and reprogramming of you internal computer by
    clearing all the “subconcious” commands and bringing them into your analytical awareness. This puts you back in command.
    I have personally studied and learned to apply these techniques myself and can attest that they definitely achieve this result.


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