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How do I get clients for my Reiki practice?

I have been doing distant Reiki healing for awhile now at various distant healing free requests websites and I’ve been getting positive feedback from people around the world who’ve benefited my Reiki treatments. I want to do distant Reiki professionally now because I need the pocket money to help pay some of my bills. How do I get clients for my distant Reiki practice? Where do I start? I don’t want to start emailing people who’ve benefited my free Reiki treatment and start asking them for money, they’re going to think it’s spam email and start getting mad at me. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. tell your friends,and advertise in coffee shop’s . You will have lot of friend in no time at all, and they all know somebody in a nother city.Don’t go over the Internet, it is not safe.I do healing’s too and I have all my friends from out of town,but the all have to pay a fee too. You can give me a distance treatment any day for my Liver. How much do you charge, just let anybody know what you charge . By the hr. or 1/2 hr.? It takes a while but it will all come true for you. Good Luck

  2. Think about where you prospective clients might go.
    Are there health food stores, whole foods markets, vitamin shops, etc. near where you live or would like to work?
    You can post fliers there.
    Think about any Yahoo groups that might benefit from your work. Sort of spammish?
    Are you listed in classmates.com or any other group site? Contact people you know there.
    Just brainstorm where like minded people would gather and address them.
    Good luck.

  3. I am a reiki master too. Frankly speaking , I do not think anybody will pay you for your distant healing Reiki practice. Why not start a small healing clinic at your home or a place of conveniences. Decorate it as soothing as you could. Get clients from around your contacts. Let them know how much is your charges. Combine it with body and foot therapy will also be good.

  4. Funny that I would stumble across your question when I was just looking at a website for a woman offering distance Reiki healings at about $1/minute. If you feel strongly pulled to practice distant healings then you are being guided and your clients will come. If you are wanting to do the healings for the main purpose of gaining an income then it may not be the right time for you to pursue this course of action. Perhaps you could do Reiki healings on yourself with the intention that you be ready to receive payment for Reiki. In my experience, I am a Reiki Master and have my own massage and Reiki practice, I find that the best course of action is to take a deep breath and ask the powers that be to open the right doors. When I combine Reiki with prayer I find the answers if I pay attention. Don’t forget that you can send Reiki to your future self with the intention of attracting clients, paying off your bills, etc. Sometime’s we forget to use the Reiki on ourselves because we get so busy helping others. Good luck.


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