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How do I get better with Tarot cards?

When ever I do a private reading I have to look up every card in the book. People always say they have different meanings in different situations. So how do I know what meaning goes where? and when?
People also keep giving examples but I can never follow how they got that answer. Please help or give me a good web site to go to. Thank you!


  1. I usually depend more on my general impression of the card coupled with what ever the person I am reading for asks for. To me their booklet is of secondary importance. What is more important is the vibe I am getting from the cards in association with the vibe I am getting from the person for whom I am doing the reading.
    Let yourself become more in tune with the card themselves rather than relying on the booklet so much. Good luck.

  2. I would suggest that you start by just gaining information from what you feel and see from each individual card. Also, there are numerous books out there, but they are just a reference because after people become more familiar with Tarot their interpretations might be completely different or expanded on the definitions in different books. There are numerous books out there and many do not share the same type of interpretations as other books. Just try practice and patience. Also, I would suggest keeping a Tarot journal. Write down the question–always put a timeframe on the question–and the date of the reading, and after the timeframe has come up (i.e. two months) go back to the journal and see if you were correct in your interpretation. Make sure to write down the spread you used, the position each card was in, and how you interpreted the cards.

  3. While the meaning in a book can be helpful in some situations, I have always found that it’s best to explain what the cards mean AFTER the person whom your reading for has expressed their thoughts (to you or themselves) about what the cards mean.
    Tarot is a reflective art, there are no two readings that are the same. First impressions are very important to note.
    For example, I did a reading for a friend recently and in the relationship part of the spread was the 3 of Cups. In my deck, this card depicts a man and two women walking away from him. My friend -instantly- identified the two women as a couple of ladies he was interested in, but they didn’t notice him (the man). This was clearly not what the card meant in the book, but his personal translation was on-target.
    If I were you, I would start out with simple spreads. There’s nothing hard about them, and if you want you can even create your own! Whatever feels most comfortable for you is how things should be done.
    Also, as a side note, it has been proven that when you say something out-loud to yourself, you retain 90% of the information said. If you say it inside your head, you only keep 10%. So, start a journal of your own personal readings. Whenever you write about a card, read AND write about it in that journal while saying everything out loud. You’ll find it helps a lot =)

  4. Study your cards. Take one card per day and study it and then put it under your pillow before you go to sleep. Ask spirit to help you with the meaning of that card as it is right for each person. It is ok to write meanings on your cards as you are learning.
    The absolute best ways to improve is to meditate. Each card has multiple meanings. The cards are a vehicle for you to receive the psychic message so you will know which meaning applies to that person. The more you meditate, the more you will increase your ability.


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