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How do I get a poltergeist?

Is there anyway to get myself a poltergeist? I remember reading one story about people who essentially “made up” a ghost at this table every day, and spent months talking to nothing, but they named the ghost, made up a history for him, and everything. Eventually, they started getting rappings on the table, and it just escalated from there.
Anyway I can do something like this? I mean, besides from the nightly beatings, strangulations, and stuff getting broken, having a poltergeist would be pretty badass.


  1. You are wishing for something that is not real. The people that you speak of probably began to believe their own charade, and imagined everything. There is no evidence of the existence of poltergeists.

  2. Poltergeist activity generally centers around disturbed individuals, often troubled teenagers. So it’s hard to “get a poltergeist” as you say.
    You might try summoning a spirit or minor demon instead. It will give you a similar effect. You can do this with a Ouija board and one or two friends, or you might do some research into basic summoning; I would start with “The Key of Solomon” or the “Necronomicon” (google the terms and you’ll find a wealth of knowledge too lengthy to go into here).
    Warning: raising spirits or summoning demons can lead to madness. Some people think that just putting such a desire into words and expressing it publicly, as you have already done, might open you up to a haunting.

  3. I don’t think you understand the dangers of Paranormal activity including the fact of being demonically possessed. Bad ass? Really? The people with the ability of Psychokinesis, Extra Sensory Perception, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Pyrokinesis, Psychometry, Precognition, Bilocation, Postcognition, and Astral Projection truly know what they are doing and are trying to help people.

  4. A real poltergeist is not a made up story. No, you can’t get one. You can make up a story, build it up in your head, and then begin to look for any little sign of it’s existence, but this is just fantasy.
    On a side note, attempting to contact the dead can sometimes work. This may explain some of these cases. They may not have “made up” a ghost, but may have been making a concerted effort to contact “a ghost”.

  5. Spirits are not sometimes as reckless as you may think, there are the odd one that may move around a few items over night, but no really pure evil spirits that will destroy your possetions, that is just a movie stereotype. i would also NOT recommend you attempt to summon spirits or the use of an ouja board. I would not in my wildest dreams practice this at all. i have heard many a bad story.

  6. I had an aunt that got one supposedly by moving an old piece of furniture into the house. She said lots of things were happening. The back door would open and close, the stereo shot across the room, a “shadow man” rose from the floor and ran out the back door on numerous occasions. I even heard that while my cousin (her daughter) was in the shower, there was backwords writing on the steamed mirror, a name like Daniel or something similar. My cousin also had a dream about spirits trying to get her to go through the back door. I guess maybe the back door became a spirit gate. She was (supposedly) a sensitive. Once she was sitting on a sofa and I walked up behind her, out of her field of view. She suddenly turned around and said “I could feel your aura.” However, I didn’t know for sure if she saw my reflection in something.

  7. You want a Tulpa not a poltergeist. A tulpa is something that is made up by you I’ve only heard of it happening a few times.You can control it at first but it seems to change into a being you have no control over and you won’t be able to get rid of it easy.To do it you do exactly what you wrote think about how you want it to look and talk to it,make a history and name it.
    Good Luck!

  8. i want a poltergeist it seems so cool im 16 years old and not affraid off anything can any 1 tell me how i can get one ? or know any 1 who has one that i can experience a day out with them ok reply back thx

  9. You dont want a poltergeist, my buddy had one in his house, and he almost went insane, it broke things, threw things at him, and it even pushed him, and scratched him,
    the paranormal isnt somthing you should even say you want, because that automatically can open you up to getting one,
    Poltergeist feed off of fear, and you will grow to fear it, even if you think “im not afraid of anything”

  10. I believe if you tamper with someones grave, such as taking flowers off, or pouring red wine the spirits should get very angry and follow you home, they wont attempt to kill you, but will hurt you in your sleep or break some personal belongings that mean a lot to you.

  11. Kindly stop referring to poltergeists as ” demonic , disturbed Etc ” A poltergeist can be any person who practices astral travel and who can in the process lower their spiritual vibration to become visible and also able to move items in the physical world . Poltergeists have many reasons for coming into your life . Hate , anger , love , etc . Any person who practices astral travel effectively becomes a spirit or a ghost if you will . That is why practitioners of astral travel lose their fear of death as we know life continues after the death of the physical . I can , when in the right frame of mind move objects and influence events . Many living people materialize themselves long distances from where there are astral travelling and have been seen by witnesses .

  12. I personally believe that there is no afterlife and that when you die you die.
    However, when I were younger we played the ouija board and my house became home to what could be described as a poltergiest. It would move things in the room (not when you were looking at them though), you would hear sounds in other rooms and you could always ‘feel’ its presence.
    At first this poltergiest started out playful but started to turn sinister. I had many friends witness experiences.
    I have no idea what this thing was. Was it a ghost (I doubt it) or some part of the human brain we know little about?
    Whatever it was, please DO NOT mess with the ouija board or wish a poltergiest into your home. You will regret it…

  13. someone told that one time they locked themselves in the bathroom and turned off the lights. and said “bloody mary..bloody mary..bloody mary” and a lot happened afterwards, they been haunted for so long.

  14. r u crazy?belive me,u dont want a poltergheist(sry for the speling)i had one once,before i moved.it scrached me in my sleep,sometimes to blood;it broked things that ment alot to me;it tried to kill me(knife thrown at me);the sadest one:it killed my dog,i found my dogs body in the morning in the bathtub,the bahtub was all bloody,so was the dog.u dont want it!

  15. hi ,yeah i dont really judge but the people saying there not real you just havent seen one i agree there no spirits they are mixed like demon cross spirit. They are tricky in some words they make it they are gently an then they attack ,im saying that ive had anything thrown at me but they dont just throw they hurt you and yes they will play havic with your head .And people who want one ,your idiot to say the most as a healer i know wat both are like both can get agresive yes but a spirit that something lost and cant be past over, but a poltergeist is there to hurt you ,i have one the moment an is very hard to get rid of .So them people wanting one let me tell you ,you”ll be stick with it till you find a way to get rid of it

    • You can get rid of it but it’ll be hard and yes they can hurt you and your right people are dumb for wanting one.but they will vbe the ones that’ll regret bringig it to there house. they will tell themselves that they dont want it anymore but you cant stop them for trying to get one you know.


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