How do i get a pokemon aura? Do i have to give up my current aura or something?

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P.S. If you want to say i play to much mystery dungeon i havent played it for like 5 months. P.s.s. NO NAME CALLING OR SAYING ITS NOT POSSIBLE OR I WILL GET VERY BAGGERED AND REPORT ABUSE AS SPAM!
DAMN this is bad! >=( i dont think any one will answer to my restrictions!

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NC #9 fo-show

find a lucario


do you mean a pokemon hack? or lucario from ssbb?
anyway, i didn’t do anything you told me i couldn’t so…


try praying!
have a mew or a lucario statue and pray to it.
if it works and you become a totodile come tell me so i can be a cyndiquil!!!


I don’t understand the question.
Are you trying to get a certain pokemon during the nature test in mystery dungeon?

Bird Mommy

No, you don’t want to give up your own aura. Instead, ATTUNE YOUR OWN aura to resonance with a pokemon aura. I think that tododile is your guide you need to find, and then he/she will help you with the attunement if you ask for guidance. Hope this helps!!
Try this site:
Or here are a couple of guided meditations on youtube:
1) (without the candle)
2) (with the candle)
If it doesn’t happen the first time, that’s ok. Just keep trying, and eventually it will. Be patient, and be persistent.


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