Home Discussion Forum How do i force a girl to love me using black magick?

How do i force a girl to love me using black magick?


  1. do you mean the dark side of the force ..??
    hahah .. pity u …
    are you that desprate to get a girl ….
    use cash … works better than spells ..

  2. love is something that can not be forced upon anyone. Love is magic, if she doesn’t feel it for you, just try to be a freind. Love can turn to hatered in a flash of an eye, and I know you wouldn’t want that to appen, so back off, chill down, and be a freind. Who knows what could happen further down the road.

  3. Good luck finding a witch who’ll help you with that. I think you’ll have to turn to somebody who practices chaos magick, and even then they might not do it.
    Most (certaintly not all) Wiccans (who mostly practice orderly magick) go by a rather famous saying. Now what was that..? Oh yes! An’ harm ye none, do as thou wilt.

  4. Those who use magick for wrong purposes (forcing someone to do something against their will) is wrong. And the law about doing something coming back 3×3 should be reason enough NOT to practice it. (ever heard of the saying “if you love someone, set them free, if they come back it’s meant to be?”)

  5. Wouldn’t be a good idea. Forcing someone to love you might work, but in the end, it will probably only result in bad things coming back on you (karma). If you want someone to love you, it is best to try and do so by your own…charm, wit, character, personality, etc., not by “black” magick.

  6. You will need:
    A rose quartz crystal
    A pink or red candle
    Rose incense
    and some love to give
    The Magic Love Spell:
    Light the incense and the candle.Think of all the good things love will give.Take the crystal and hold it close to your heartwhile saying:
    I raise my voice to the Goddess
    And the God to help in the
    Manifestation of love in my life.
    I know that I am ready for the
    Give and take of love.
    I put my faith and trust in you
    With the knowledge that the one
    You bring is worthy of the gift of love
    That I shall give.
    or try this
    Take a lock of her hair, some nail clippings, and menstrual fluid. take a lock of your hair, some of your nail clippings, and some of your semen. wrap these items neatly in bright red paper. with gold ink write the Chinese characters for love, good fortune, and happiness on side. On the other side write your true name.
    Now gather your chi and infuse the package with your chi. you must do this at sunrise after the chinese new year and before the vernal equinox (northern hemisphere).
    Note: make sure you gather the semen correctly. write the chinese characters precisely. know your true name. know how to gather chi and infuse chi.
    Warning: this is not a minor undertaking. Technically you’re binding your life into this spell. if you do not protect or properly undo this spell, you risk serious harm to yourself. if you do not do this spell properly, you risk serious harm to yourself. if you really mess up this spell, you mess up your life and her life.

  7. That would not be love…just manipulation
    How satisfying would that be to you knowing that it was not her idea from the start?

  8. The mere fact you are asking this makes you seem like a lonely, desperate molester and unleanered person who would be better locked away in an asylum than free to mingle with anyone in your town.
    I don’t think you have even a shred of respect for the opposite sex or you wouldn’t be asking this type of question. I suggest you go back to your lonely life style and not try and force anything to do anything with you for your own sdelfish and greedful ways.

  9. it’s not a good idea to mess with free will,she must choose to like you on her own…or not ,always other fish in the sea.

  10. If you use black magic you are drawing to yourself fallen astral energy vampires that can attach themselves to you,drain your life force energies,cause havoc in your life and even possess you.I have personal experience with this so i know what i´m talking about.Plus,if you do this then you are violating that person´s free will and it will have karmic consequences.Would you want some girl to do this to you ?! I recommend respecting the free will of others.

  11. force…mmm…..i have some white magic procedures for you to follow:-
    wake up, brush you teeth, put on new clothing, look smart, go to a florist, buy a rose(a few maybe), meet the girl,say ‘abracadabra i wish u fall for me and the HONESTY , wait for the reaction…..mmm…if failed… try this…
    wake up, brush you teeth, put on new clothing, look smart, go to a jewelery shop, buy a diamond, meet the girl,say ‘abracadabra i wish u fall for me and the MONEY…’ , wait for the reaction….
    so..in conclusion repeat the procedure above with different variables…
    i dont know a thing about black magic…Du-uh….but i know one thing…..never use black magic to force someone 2 luv ya!!!!!!! ha ha

  12. And this is what you do to people you *like*?
    If you do decide to use magic to force the girl to love you, *shrug* — you’ll get what’s coming to you, three times over, in the worst way. May the Goddess see your intent and deal with you accordingly.

    • i don’t understand..what you said ” three times over, in the worst way.May the goodness see your intent an deal with you accordingly.”….. what does this mean??? plz reply soon

    • i don’t understand..what you said ” three times over, in the worst way.May the goodness see your intent an deal with you accordingly.”….. what does this mean??? plz reply soon

  13. you dont…you dont use magic to force anyone to do anything. you dont use any kind of magic to force anybody to do anything. i dont care if its black, red, white, or bloody rainbow colored, you dont force anybody to do anything with it. any wiccan will tell you, you dont use magic to force things.

    • I don’t see it as a bad thing to love someone.If they are not intelligent enough to see that someone is good for them and would rather choose someone who was not right for them,then if prayers or spells work in bringing people together then I refuse to see that as a bad thing.

  14. You don’t. You have someone that is skilled in such things do it for you. There are those that will…for a price…after all what is the point of having the skill if you don’t use it…

  15. why would you want a women to fall in love with you anyways, once you men get what you want, you are done with us??? if you cast a love spell, you have to watch out for the rule of three, AND either you may become a stalker, which means YOU fell in love and the spell malfuntioned, or she may becoem a stalker, which (witch) means you will never get rid of her.

  16. *shakes head*you don’t force a girl to do anything.
    your just 16 and and think your in love,but all you want to do is get her clothes off.
    so go jump in a cold shower…OK Coty

  17. you don’t. if you try to force it, it would not be love but more like obsession, and WILL come back to bite you in the @$$.
    you could come home to your pets boiling on the stove because you didn’t call her when you said you would, or you looked at another girl. not good!!
    and if you want to do this to her, you obviously don’t love her, so you WOULD get sick of having her around all the time… or the spell could “backfire” & cause you to *actually* fall in love with her while she remains the same (now THAT would be some karmic retribution!)

  18. Why would you? It’s against nature to force something against their will. Also it’s not even love, (If it did work which I highly will doubt considering what type of person you seem to be) it would be obsession.
    So think of it this way, take off any wannabe goth crap, be your self- as a gentleman and ask her on a date. Don’t be stupid and ignorant.
    P.S Black magick is a pathetic excuse for life’s natural magick.

  19. True Story: Whether you are religious or not.
    A virtuous good girl in a village had no suitors and went to church daily. An evil, and jealous man who practiced the black arts “loved” her, and wanted her to love him too. He practiced the magic, and she became very ill at home. A priest came, and asked the demon inside of her who cast the spell? The demon said the evil man’s name, and the evil went out of her after, she had an exorcism, and went back to the Holy Sacraments. The demon went back to the evil man’s home, and he and his home burned down.

  20. hahaha thats funny, really. Just tell her you were trying to use black magick to make her crazy about you but u didnt have the heart to do it. She’ll either love you or smack you. its 50/50.

  21. I nned a answer bc the girl I loved siad she couldn’t date and suddenly she dates my bestfriend and my hearts Brock :'(

  22. Black magic is a devotion by the devil so if you force a girl to love you using black magic you will never have a happy end ask god for love that’s the best magic you can do

  23. Black Magic can seem like the right thing to do when you are desperate for love or anything really, but it’s not. White Magic (good magic) is what you need. It can still go wrong and calmer still applies. Calmer is when bad things you do to others will come back to you. If i was the girl then i would want you to love me, and casting a spell on them doesn’t mean you love them, it means you’re obsessed with them. Just remember be yourself. Love her, not want her.

  24. i have sufferd the consequences of a man who has tried to force my galfriend love him.the gal hates me like a demon and i know what is happening but i cant tell her she will think am lying to have her back


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