How do I for sure know that I have telepathy?

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Now sometimes I think people can hear my thoughts, but sometimes I think I am just schizophrenic… (I have no other schizophrenic symptoms of this.) All I want to know is how can I indefinitely find out if people can hear my thoughts?
Here is what I believe sometimes: Well, people in the surrounding area or people I’ve been thinking of… comment on everything… talk to me about everything I do. This happens anywhere from a few hours a week to the minute I wake, till sleep.

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ask them what you are thinking


Can you hear other peoples thoughts? No, you can’t. And neither can anyone else.


Don’t worry, you are not telepathic. You need to ask so you can’t afford to be telepathic! I think that works the same as asking for the price of a Ferrari?


While some people claim to hear others thoughts, there is no proof that it is real, as such telepathy is nothing more then a myth.
Then again the human mind is capable of amazing things and who knows what it can do.
As another YA person said, I’d ask them to guess what I was thinking and even go to a doctor or clinic and see what they advise.
Just curious though, why do you feel that others are reading your thoughts? Do they say something or do you just have a feeling?


It is through your soft and pure heart voice thru vibrations to your loved ones and friends and think of them and they appear and simultaneously if you are trying to contact him /her on phone and by chance they might have called you up.First make a small experiment within house then extend it to your distant relations and so on so forth and see the results and try to match with your thinking wave length and you are the better judge and how many occasions is it true or always it is true purely depends upon your practice and perfections.


Have a friend do this with you:
Tell the friend he can choose between 4 colors, red yellow blue and green, and 4 shapes, square, circle, star and triangle. Ask him to go into another room and then ask him to imagine the color and shape he wants to send to your mind with his eyes closed, picturing the colored object and thinking of it for 3 minutes. Repeat this several times. If you can receive this image, you have very good telepathic abilities.


If you study the research on telepathy, you’ll see that the studies suggesting that telepathy exists mostly involve cases of people who do a bit better than average in things like guessing what card someone is looking at. The research is controversial because experts disagree about whether or not slight deviations from the average should be considered significant. The CIA organized an elaborate program called Stargate in which so-called psychics acted as spies. Some of the findings might be considered interesting, but the program was canceled because the information was unreliable.
The research I’ve mentioned doesn’t show that telepathy has any practical value, and it’s very doubtful that people are reading your mind. On the other hand, it’s not unusual for people to make lucky guesses based on what they see. It sounds like you’re worried about this, which might mean that there’s some problem. If you think that somebody means to do you harm, that’s a sign of paranoia, especially if you think that people are getting together and plotting against you. I suggest staying in touch with your feelings, being aware of fears when they occur to you. You might want to see a doctor.


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