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How do I flush out al of the?

negative thoughts out of my system? As I know Life’s BEAUTIFUL – I just know it is!!! But every once in a while the negative pieces of energy resurface, I’m living my life by the sayings you only live once, life is what you make it and Seize The Day – so that I’ll appreciate every BEAUTIFUL Moment of life fully!!! I mean I’ve asked this question before and this shall probably be the last time.


  1. I like to work with my negative thoughts to get rid of them. Life is beautiful, but it is hard to recognise it’s beauty within all the mess that surrounds the world.
    How you perceive the world is a unique thing; for example if you look at the glass half full then you are aware of the beauty, you will stand quite far from others. If you look at it half empty then you’re aware of all the mess, you stand and stare at how dreaded the world has turned out. It is all really based on awareness, you need a balance between the two.
    If negative and positive work together, then you will have all the benefits, without being too blind of beauty, or too aware of mess.
    It is really confusing if you think about it.
    Good luck and thanks for reading,
    Kishin Shiro

  2. The way I flush out the negative thoughts is by relaxing and removing myself from stressful situations like work and stressful people.
    I enjoy listening to music, this sometimes helps to give me inspiration. I also like to get out in the fresh air, I enjoy sea fishing, watching the waves and enjoying the sea air. I also make sure that I have regular little holidays, as I feel that a change of scenery helps me get out of any rut that I may be in.


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