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How do I find the meaning of Tarot Cards?

i have a deck of Tarot Cards and know how to do them, but i don’t have a book on their meanings. like you know, ‘seven of swords’
i just want to do a standard diamond set up (past, present, future, advice)
and tell what they mean. Is there a website that will give me the meanings?


  1. If you look at the many books and internet sites about tarot, you find that people interpret the cards differently, attributing different meanings to the various cards, even giving them different names. The reason for this lies in the cards’ history. Tarot cards do not have an occult origin, instead they were invented in 15th century Italy for use in a card game. They were created by adding a fifth suit to the then standard pack of playing cards, this extra cards took as their theme a Christian triumph procession, hence they were called trionfi, meaning triumphs, and from which we get our word trump. It was the invention of tarot that marked the invention of trumps in card games.
    It was not until the very late 18th century that people began to use tarot for divination and the meanings attributed to the cards were the product of invention based upon erroneous beliefs about the cards’ origins. For example, The Hanged Man is often described as self sacrifice – well no one in France or the English speaking world quite knew what else to make of a man suspended by one foot! However, in the cards’ native Italy, this card was known as The Traitor – because that’s how they killed their traitors, suspending them upside down and leaving them to die slowly and publically.
    In the 19th century, French occultists began to attribute new origins to the cards and with them new meanings – the most important was the belief that they were Cabbalistic. Over time, new occultists interpreted the cards according to their various occult systems, be they of The Golden Dawn or the OTO to name just a couple. However, gradually, the design of the occult cards became rather more post-modern, with little regard to strict systems and a greater emphasis on personal interpretation. These days, anything goes, which, given their real origin, is more fitting. Just look at the picture and go with whatever feels right to you.
    Personally, I do not believe that fortune telling is possible – however, were it so, it is hard to believe that some card with ink on has any special powers, so any foretelling of the future is coming from the reader, not the cards. The long and the short of it is this, whatever you believe about the possibility of knowing the future, the books on tarot meanings are meaningless.
    On a side note, I will point out that tarot games are not a thing of the past but are still played throughout much of continental Europe and those of us who play them think that they are the best card games in the world – so if you tire of fortune telling, do check out the games!

  2. when you are reading somebody let spirit tell you what it means… there is no set meaning for the cards it is open to interpretation.
    for eg: the seven of swords could mean something different determining on what deck you have… also if you have a look at the books thats come with the decks they will most likely have different meaning to what that card is saying. also the “seven of swords” could have a different significance to the person you are reading.
    open up to spirit and let your guides tell you the answers. when i get a deck of tarot cards i do not use the book, i never have as i read by my own interpretation. try looking at the pictures and focusing and say what is your first thought or gut instinct that is usually the correct one.
    and if you are doing different layouts that is great. there are many websites on how to read them using someone elses interpretations.
    my suggestion to you is: read what is shown to you and use your gifts. tarot is just a tool to receive a message from spirit. if you are meant to give a message to someone it will come out weather you use the book or not.
    blessed be…
    if you want to learn the history here is the site i have
    on that site is a tarot card course. It will teach you everything for a beginner also is very interesting.
    but if you want a history of the cards there are many websites that will explain other peoples interpretations and what the cards represent to them.


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