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How do I find out what my astrology chart is?

What do the astrology sites mean when they refer to my chart. For example when the say ” if you have mercury retrograding in your chart you can expect….” What is my chart? It sounds like they are refering to something different than my birth chart, from my understanding my birth chart is the planetary alignments and so forth at the time of my birth.


  1. To obtain ur free birthchart along with all the planetary positions and meanings, go to:
    then click on free birth charts, input info, and in less than a minute,
    (almost immediately really..) you will get all ur info. It will also list all the direct, retrograding, and squares, etc. found in ur birthchart with
    all the planets. Just look at the very end of ur chart. It will be listed in
    a square….saying direct, retrograde, squares, etc. of which planets
    at the time of ur birth. Btw, if you do not know ur exact time of birth when inputting the info, just use 12 p.m. and it will be close enough.
    Good Luck and hope this explains it better. If not, e mail me.
    Once again, good luck~

  2. YEP
    its just your birthtime,birthdate, and where you were born.
    It is just the Natal Chart .
    http://www.astro.com its the BEST FREE SITE OUT THERE
    all the ASTROLOGERS like it better than any of the normal astrology cheese out there
    you can do it on your own and for free.
    Mercury Retrogrades about 3 times a year, during which communication gets messed up, only for 6 weeks at a time, but during this time more information actually comes to the surface and makes people deal and talk about things more because communications are so poor during this time. By the end you will not change your mind about the subject or decision you were thinking about or thinking of making before Mercury went Retrograde.
    It just means you were born while this was happening if that’s what the charts say.
    join my astrology group if you’d like 🙂
    im getting ready to launch an astrology site

  3. I particularly like http://www.astro.com – they have all sorts of quite detailed information on there but if you are a novice in astrology some of it might be a bit lost on you.
    This is the same as your chart. Apart from planetary alignments, you will have an ascendant, with placements of planets and other points in signs and houses and in addition some of these planets will make ‘aspects’ or angles to each other. Also any of the planets, except the Sun and Moon (which are of course not really planets, just reffered to as such for ease), can be ‘rerograde’ which means appearing to go backwards in motion due to the relative motion of the planets with respect to our viewpoint on earth. This usually shows up as an ‘R’ or ‘Rx’ beside the planet.


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