How do I find out what color my aura is… is there a way to take a picture?






  1. No there isn’t. If there was a camera which could photograph an aura, then there wouldn’t be any debate between devout believers and skeptics over their existence. “Auras” are a New Agey idea that have no basis in fact, at least that can be confirmed in a scientific sense.
    By the way, Kirlian photography is simply the photo of a coronal discharge around an object. It has nothing to do with auras. Even an inanimate piece of metal will produce a Kirlian “aura”.

  2. There is a camera they use to take pictures of aura’s. It’s called to Kirlian photography. Only thing is, it’s not just something that is readily available. You should look it up on google because it is interesting. Your best bet would probably be to visit a medium, though.
    Best of luck.

  3. if you have a lot of money you can get a camera that can do it but i mean a lot of money…. also you can talk to a physic. they can tell you….

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