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How do i find out the color of my aura? Does the color signify anythying? is it constant or keeps changing?


  1. How to find out your color?
    Find a white wall in a well lit area, and try *not* looking at your arm. There’s better descriptions online about how to see auras, but that’s the SUPER short and easy version. But for some people it’s harder to see your own aura then others.
    The color is generally reflective of your current mood, and you can change it if you work on it, but everybody slips into a sort of ‘default’ mood that reflects your primary aura color.

  2. You have to go to someone who can see aura’s. Yes the color is significant (but might depend on the seer, some see aura’s but not the colors, so you have to have the seer interpret it for you)
    there are some constant elements of auras, and some that change according to mental, physical and spiritual states.
    you can pay someone at a psychic fair to read yours, but personally, I think it’s better if you can find someone without money involved.
    I’m not sure how much of that aura stuff I believe. I think there is some basic truth in it (many people think the halos and clouds of light around holy people in old paintings are auras), but I also think people have added so many layers of new age mumbo jumbo to it that it is hard to get to the truth anymore.
    I’ve ocassionally seen auras around people, but not my own.

  3. if you are gifted, you can see it in front of a mirror with your back towards a dark background. You can look at it straight as if seeing thru your image or looking at it sideways.
    there is another method using the kirlian photography, it’s hard to find, depends on the locality you are in. Ask around.
    Auras or the halos around our body changes depending on our health conditions, state of thinking and spiritual level. Plants and animals also have them. Even inanimate objects. Try looking at the high tension wires at a dark night. You can see the bluish glow around those lines.

  4. You need to consult a new ager who specialises in auras – and be warned, there are plenty of charlatans out there, so I would advise you to consult the person who charges most. That’s the only way you can be sure of getting the best advice.

  5. Your aura consist of 1 to 2 primary colors, those colors tend to be favorite colors of the person. The colors do have meaning. Colors one’s aura do change, change is brought about by stimulus whether it be thought or physical envorimental changes. Yes the changes do have meaning
    I am including a link to a website that has very good information on what aura is and on the left side of the page there is a menu, and you will see Aura parts 1 thru 4. The information there is easy to understand and follow. You do not have to read all of it, scan the paragrah and you will find info you seek. I could answer all of it but it would be a very LONG answer.

  6. Hello
    Yes the colours can be read by a psychic & yes they do mean something & yes they are changing. They change with every thought & action.
    You can, with practice, see or sense your own aura with meditation.

  7. there is rarely a single colour to the aura, there is a base vibration that does not essentially change over life.
    the aspects and variations however are changeable through life experiences, and there are E motions which alter frequently depending on mood etc. these will come back to their normal state after the aura stabilizes again.
    the colours signify your personality traits and your tendencies when faced with external influences, this is how you interact with others, situations etc.


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