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How do I find my subconscious?

How do I find my subconscious? I have no idea where I should look or how I should look.. And I would really like to have some control over my mind and body.. And I would definintly like the help from my conscious and subconscios! So Help?


  1. Well your subconscious has already found you. You just don’t know how to comunicate with it. Think of it as someone who knows way more than you. The great unknown if you will. I know parts of mine but I have done a lot of work on it.
    Trance works. Lucid dreaming. Get to know your inner child and your self hater. Ooo you know what try reading some books by Starhawk like The Spiral Dance and some other ones from the same era. They are wiccan but they would be helpful.
    Maybe before you go to bed at night you could talk to it. “Hi Subconscious. I am trying to get to know you better and want you to send me some communication in my dreams.”
    Try something like that for a couple of weeks. Your subconcious is there in your dreams processing emotions and feelings and your day, sometimes its processing emotions or desires you didn’t even know you had.
    Try keeping a dream journal.

  2. Your subconscious is like your eyes.
    You can not actually see your eyes without something like a mirror to help you.
    And so your subconscious can not be found unless you find a way to reflect it back at you so you are conscious of it.
    That is the sort of reflecting a psychologist, philosopher or clergy member can help you with.
    Maybe read some books on it (maybe by Freud, Satire or Shah?) and see if you can locate a few glimpses your subconscious.

  3. conscious you know , you will have hidden ambitions love hidden fears hidden impossible desires. you sit calmly in a beautiful garden and daydream. whatever comes to your mind are your subconscious desires. whatever we sometimes think impossible are also our subconscious wish. you do not search it will depict in your attitudes

  4. Your subconscious mind is in the upper lobes. And the brain that keeps your body going is in the brain stem and can not use words. It is the auto brain.

  5. “He spent most of the rest of the night reading through the books on psychology he’d always meant to look at. But they weren’t very helpful. No two writers seemed to agree, and there were a number who regarded the whole Freudian concept of a censor or any separation between conscious and unconscious as nonsense.
    From Psy: Lester Del Rey”
    So, do not try to look for something that may be only in use as a substitute for an explanation we still do not have. Do what ever you have to do in natural way, and all your human functions (intellectual functions are human function among others: consider for instance the intelligence of one cell!), will enter in action as well as they did till now.

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